6 Vintage Thanksgiving Party Invitations

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Vintage Thanksgiving Party Invitations

If you are looking for a unique design for your Thanksgiving party invitations, then these vintage style cards would add a sophisticated touch to your upcoming party.

Please note that the wordings on these invites can be easily personalized online by yourself for free. For details, please click on the images or the links.

Vintage Inspired Thanksgiving Party Invitations

1. Autumn Embroidery

vintage thanksgiving party invitations

Add a bit of an exotic flair to your gathering with this Chinoiserie Thanksgiving party invitation featuring a vintage pattern of flowers, leaves, and fruits.

2. Vintage Harvest

Vintage thanksgiving invitations

Add a sense of vintage appeal to the fall season with this timeless Thanksgiving party invitation created by Sarah Hawkins Designs. Elegant and artistic, this design is sure to sweep everyone off their feet.

3. Botanical Corn

vintage thanksgiving invitations

Traditional botanical drawings are a tasteful way to decorate a Thanksgiving party invitation, especially with this delectable drawing of growing corn.

4. Autumn Plate

vintage thanksgiving invitations

Take a little extra worry off your plate when you choose this elegant autumn Thanksgiving party invitation.

5. Victorian Thanksgiving

vintage thanksgiving invitations

There will be no need to fuss when you choose these lovely vintage Thanksgiving party invitations with a Victorian theme. Expect beauty to reign over the day when it begins with this ornate choice from Hello Little One.

6. Gourd Gathering

vintage thanksgiving invitations

Don’t go out of your gourd planning this year’s big family feast! Send out these gorgeous pumpkin and squash adorned Thanksgiving party invitations by Umbrella and get your gathering off to a great start.

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