Video Game Party Invitations: 6 Electrifying Ideas

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On February 5, 2014
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video game party invitations

This is what the guys are asking for… and finally you are throwing them a video game party!

To kick off a great start why don’t you send out one of these video game party invitations? I am sure the birthday guy will be thrilled! The wordings on all of these cards can be customized and you can play around with it by clicking the respective links next to each of the design.

Personalized Video Game Party Invitations

1. Video Games

Video game party invitations

Embrace the pixelated charm of vintage video games with this fanciful video game party invitation. This design will charm both guests and their parents alike!

[T]hese cards were quite a hit with the recipients, not to mention the birthday boy who loves video games. thumbs up all around! the photo came out great & the quality was top notch, i would order these again!!” ~ Whizbang, Texas

2. Proclaimed Gamer

video game birthday invitations

Love this photo birthday invite featuring your kid’s greatest smile. Let him invite his friends to have a birthday blast full of fun!

3. Alien Invasion

Video Game party invitations

For a cool and unique design you can turn to this video game birthday invitation that combines chic and fun! Mommy can make special DIY cake inspired by this colorful design as well.

4. Gamer Birthday

video game birthday invitations

Check out this new version of video game birthday invite with a smart and cheerful red background. Good for boys and girls, as well as coed parties.

5. Alien Invaders

video game birthday invitations

Another vintage inspired card that fits your guests! This video game invite will be an excellent choice for kids, teens and the kids-at-heart. Pretty cool for one of those milestone parties!

6. Arcade Prize

Arcade party invitations

Finally, something that’s not alien themed but equally nice! Snag a prize for style and charm when you send these vibrant birthday party invitations to all of your little one’s friends.

5. Super Mario Brothers

super mario party invitations

Finally, this is not a personalized party invite, but since it is perfect as video game party invitations I just have to show you.

The great thing about this card is that it comes with a great collection of…

Video Game Party Supplies!

Yes, it comes with a great collection of video game party supplies with napkins, cups…

Super Mario party supplies

I highly recommend this exclusive Super Mario party supplies from Birthday Express!

This is the basic party supply pack, and you can instead pick the deluxe version or the one that comes with favor boxes (with discounts!) For small parties you can purchase selectively from the large selection a la carte.

“With this party package, my sons 4th Birthday is going to be a blast. The matching colors, theme, and party items will make the party pop. Excellent price, prompt delivery.. its a great deal.” ~ Edmonton

Other Exciting Birthday Invitations

Check out these fun birthday party invites for the boys and girls, and like our Facebook page for more party idaes.

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