Video Game Party Invitation Wording: 5 Exciting Samples

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video games party invite wording

Boys just love video games and everything that comes with it. Make your boys’ next birthday bash extra special with a video game themed party. Of course, all his video buddies will want to be invited. Use these video game invitation wording suggestions to help you.

Video Game Party Invitation Wording Samples

Get guests ready for some serious fun and games with this video game party invitation wording.

Get your Game On
At David’s 10th Birthday!

Come over for a lot fun and games
On May 27, Monday
At 3943 Northwest Boulevard
3-5 PM

RSVP Rochelle 201-916-8872

Forget the frills and go for something straight and simple.

You’re Invited to
Video Game Party

When: May 27, Monday
Where: 3943 Northwest Boulevard
Time: 3-5 PM

Save a seat with Rochelle 201-916-8872

Another simple but exciting wording idea.

Please come to David’s house
For the Ultimate Video Game Party

On May 27, Monday
At 3943 Northwest Boulevard
From 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock  PM

Regrets only to Rochelle 201-916-8872
Get ready to have lots of fun, pizza and cake!

Add some extra fun to your invitations with this cute rhyme.

Join David for a Birthday Bash
It will surely be a Smash!
The party won’t be over
Til its Game Over!

May 27, Monday
3943 Northwest Boulevard
3 PM to 5 PM

RSVP Rochelle 201-916-8872
Bring your controllers and games!

And finally, how about this one?

Game On!
Join David for a Gaming Party
To help him celebrate,
It will surely be great!

Party will be on May 3, Sunday
At 3943 Northwest Boulevard
From 3 to 5 PM

For Regrets 201-916-8872

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