Truck Party Invitation Wording Samples: 5 Creative Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On June 17, 2014
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truck party invite wording

Nothing spells more fun for most little boys, than a birthday party filled with trucks, construction and dirt! Of course, a celebration of this kind calls for party invitations in the same theme. There are a lot of different truck pictures and templates that can be used to come up with a unique party invitation.

To complete the look and theme, it will be great to use some of these special truck party invitation wording suggestions:

Truck Party Invitation Wording Samples

Dump Everything
and Join Us for a Celebration
because Troy is Turning Three!

There will be truck loads of
fun and games with some food too.

So park your trucks at 87 Maple Drive
on April 19 th (Tuesday) at 2 pm

Pls RSVP Roy before the 19th (074) 442 5999

A short and sweet wording suggestion if you don’t have much space on your invitation card:

Rev Up your Engines and Drive Your Trucks this Way
as Troy Turns Three

When: Wednesday, April 19

Where:87 Maple Drive

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm

RSVP: Roy (074) 442 5999

A smart one to call all the special friends to your special party!

Calling All Builders!
Park Your Trucks and Put on Your Hard Hats
Join Troy as he turns three

Project Date: April 19, Wednesday
Construction Site:Troy’s House, 87 Maple Drive
Work Begins: 2 pm

Regrets to Project Manager (Roy) 074 442 5999

This creative truck party invitation wording suggestions that rhyme with loads of fun texts — this is long so you may want to pick a card that allows you to fill in all the details:

Troy’s Having a Party
and we hope you can come
because it will be truckloads of fun!

We’ll dig into cake and ice cream
and lots of other treats.

So dump everything and
come to 87 Maple Drive
on April 19, Wednesday at 2 pm

See You There!
Regrets to Roy (074) 442 5999

Last but not least, fun lettering that would be great for any construction party!

Get Ready to Dig Up Some Fun!
Troy’s Birthday Party
is Under Construction
as our little builder turns 3!

Work Starts: April 19, Saturday at 2 pm
Work Site: 87 Maple Drive

RSVP 074 442 5999

Need More Inspirations?

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Maybe you can even use these templates instead of frying your braincell to word your own invite? It’s really not that expensive truck party invitation wording

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