Trick or Treat Halloween Party Invitations: Candy Theme and Ideas!

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On September 22, 2013
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trick or treat halloween party invitations

If you are giving away yummy Halloween candies and serving delicious foods, then you’ll have to check out these Trick AND Treat Halloween party invitations! You will find cards featuring a table of tempting food, sweets and other treats.

Please note that the wordings on these cards can be personalized online by yourself, for free. It is very easy to do, and you can check out and give it a try by clicking on the respective images or links.

Let’s have a Trick or Treat Halloween Party!

1. Scary Sweets

Trick or Treat Halloween party invitations

Let this candy and treat Halloween party invitation inspire you to have a full table of candies, sweets, cookies, cupcakes, juice and many other goodies!

2. Classic Candies

Trick and Treat Halloween party invitations

Share your love of the sweet spookiness of the season with this fanciful Halloween party invitation. Classic candy corns add the perfect hint of nostalgia to accent your screamingly stylish event!

3. Pumpkin Pompoms

Trick or treat halloween party invite

Have some spooky fun with the cute candy corn and jack-o-lanterns on this Halloween party invitation!

4. Spooky Soiree

Trick and Treat Halloween party invitations

This Halloween party invitation is a spooky way to kick off your spirited soiree. All your guests will notice your funky style when they see all the symbols of the season incorporated into this sweet design.

5. Frightfully Fun

Trick and Treat Halloween party invitations

This Halloween party invite with vibrantly printed colors of white, yellow and orange will wow all the guests with a sweet tooth!

6. Confection Selection

Trick and Treat Halloween party invitations

How about this simple and sweet candy-filled Halloween party invite?

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