Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations: 10 Festive Ideas

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Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations

Planning a fabulous thanksgiving dinner for your family? Don’t forget to get an equally fabulous invitation card to set the stage! These customized thanksgiving invitations are classy, stylish… and looks more expensive than they cost! So check them out today and impress your family even before they attend your dinner party!

Personalized Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations

1. Foliage Flurry

thanksgiving dinner invitations

Rake in the compliments when you send out these vibrant Thanksgiving dinner invitations! A flurry of falling leaves in stunning colors drift down this vibrant and attractive autumn design.

2. Say Thanks

Thanksgiving dinner invitations

Give your guests the opportunity to share their gratitude in a stylish way with this fun and festive Thanksgiving dinner invitation. This cheerful design will inspire all of your friends to take note of the brighter side of life.

“[S]ize is slightly smaller than normal card size; great for a fall themed party, not only thanksgiving; page layout/card heading very creative and simple. Nice paper weight and quality.” ~ debsurr

3. Fall Leaves

Thanksgiving dinner invitations

Festive and fun, this playful Thanksgiving party invitation is sure to delight. Covered with bright colors and autumn leaves, this invitation will become a fall favorite.

“Festive and fun, this playful Thanksgiving party invitation by Sarah Hawkins Designs is sure to delight. Covered with bright colors and autumn leaves, this invitation will become a fall favorite.” ~ Littlebatch, New Jersey

4. Patterned Leaves

Thanksgiving dinner invitation

Put together a crafty celebration this holiday with a Thanksgiving party invitation that plays up your love of patterns. All your guests will be charmed by this many-leafed wreath design by Pin Cushion.

5. Irresistible Illumination

Thanksgiving dinner invitations

Illuminated letters are an age-old art form that will bring a touch of opulence to your Thanksgiving dinner party. This design features an ornate border and exquisite script that your guests will love.

6. Watercolor Harvest

Thanksgiving dinner invites

Choose this appealing Thanksgiving party invitation with its painted pumpkins and flourished font to bring together your friends and family for an elegant feast.

7. Timeless Harvest

Thanksgiving dinner invites

Experience the luxurious style of autumn with these charming Thanksgiving invitations. Embellished with a textured design and flowing swirls, this design will give your event a sense of refined elegance.

8. Brushed Leaves

Thanksgiving dinner invites

Softly sophisticated leaves blow gently across this lovely Thanksgiving dinner invite. Sure to be a standout design this holiday, this card is both radiant and chic.

9. Leaf Tracings

Thanksgiving dinner party invitation

You can see that natural beauty needs no further adornment on this simple Thanksgiving dinner party invitation. This sleek design from Umbrella features a delicately veined leaf and colorful fonts.

10. Turkey Pilgrim

Thanksgiving dinner party invitations

Get all your friends and family together to talk turkey this holiday season with a charming card for Thanksgiving dinner party! Both sweet and stylish, this design offers the perfect way to commemorate another great family gathering.

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… But What If I Just Want to Send Out a Card?

Sure. It’s a lovely idea to send a photo card to your families, especially those who can’t make it for the reunion.

Thanksgiving photo cardsPhoto thanksgiving cards is an excellent way to update your loved ones with a greeting and your greatest smile on a card.

There are more than 120 photo cards to choose from with this specific warm and cozy thanksgiving theme.


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