Surprise Party Invitation Wording: 10 Fun Samples and Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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surprise party invite wording

Whether it is a milestone birthday, shower invitation, a bachelorette party or a promotion / retirement celebration, a surprise party is a delightfully memorable way to do it!

Here are a few suggestions on the invitation wordings that you may find useful.

Surprise Party Invitation Wording Samples

Here is simple but eye-catching surprise party invitation that you can refer to for a start:

Can you keep a secret?

Ken is hitting the big 4-0
And we are going to party!

Come join the fun
Drinks, Dinner, Disco and a BIG Cake

Saturday 6:30pm till late
Ken & Amy’s Place
345 Robinson Road

Regrets only to Amy
at 567.890.1234

Here is a relatively long version that you can use if there are sufficient space for all the wordings on your card:

You are invited to join
Amy Raskin
To celebrate her 21st birthday
But shhh…

Friday, February 20, 5:30-8pm
Drinks & Dinner
Silverstone Steakhouse
345 Robinson Road

RSVP to Sarah by February 10
at 567.890.1234

Here is another surprise party invitation wording that is quite long, but the good thing is that you can simply choose a plain card (e.g. polkdots, stripes and other simple designs) so the focus will be on your clever creation!

An Awesome Party is planned
and you’re invited to show,
but don’t tell the Birthday Girl,
coz she does not know!

Join us for a
Surprise 30th Birthday Party for
Amy Raskin

February 20 (Friday) 8-10pm
ABC Bowling Center
345 Robinson Road

Regrets to Roommate Sarah
at 567.890.1234

Here is one surprise party invitation wording for the elegant lady or for a more formal party setting:

The champagne is poured,
the table is set,
It’s a Surprise Birthday Party
she’ll never forget!

Please join us to celebrate

Amy’s Birthday Party

Saturday, Feb 20, 7-10pm
The Flamingo’s
345 Robinson Road

RSVP to Ken at 567.890.1234
by Feb 10

Lastly, surprise parties aren’t just for birthday celebration. Whether it is a promotion, retirement, visiting of special relatives and other special and happy moments that you want a great get-together, a  party (with a surprise) will add all the fun!

It’s a surprise, so please don’t blow it!
Kenny’s getting promoted
and doesn’t want you to know it!

Saturday, February 20, 2-4pm
Kenny’s Place
345 Robinson Road

RSVP to Sarah by February 10
at 567.890.1234

Here’s one surprise party invitation wording for a big bash that can be used for older celebrants.


Seth is turning 50 but
He doesn’t know there’s a party
We’re going to surprise him
And we hope that you can go

Wednesday, March 04
45 Port Washington Road
6 o’clock in the evening

RSVP Hannah 403-678-4863

Make sure that guests stay quiet about the event with this.

Keep it under wraps!

We’re having a night of food and fun
To celebrate Seth’s Birthday!
Help us give him a big surprise

Wednesday, March 4th
The Anderson Residence,
45 Port Washington Road
6 PM

Regrets only to Hannah 403-678-4863

Use something catchy to get the attention of guests.

Save the date
And don’t be late,
A surprise for Seth it will be

On March 04, Wednesday
At 45 Port Washington Road
6 o’clock PM

Let Hannah know if you’re in (403-678-4863)

Here’s another fun and catchy surprise party invitation wording with rhyme.

We thought it wise
To make Seth’s party
A big Surprise

You’re invited to the show,
Make sure not to say anything
Because he doesn’t know!

Come to 45 Port Washington Road
On March 04, Wednesday 6 PM

RSVP Hannah 403-678-4863

Give out instructions along with your wording for extra fun.

Time to turn out the lights
As we quietly hide
Don’t make a sound
It’s going to be a big surprise

Join us for a bash for Seth
Wednesday, March 04
45 Port Washington Road
6 PM Sharp!

Regrets to Hannah  403-678-4863

Need More Inspiration?

surprise party invitation wordingIf you are looking for other surprise party invites for inspiration or for purchase, then I’d like to show you these personalized surprise party invitations that are among my personal favorites.

Have a blast and enjoy your party planning!