Superhero Party Invitations: Surprise Your Guests With Awesome Cards

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superhero party invitations

Boys and girls love to be superheroes don’t they, so why don’t we let their dreams come true by throwing a superhero party? Not only your little one will enjoy, all the little guests will have a blast!

Obviously super-hero party theme is not limited to boys and we do have girl-specific party invitations here. Also, the wordings on each of the following cards can be customized and proof-reading is done by a professional graphic designer as well.

Personalized Superhero Party Invitations

1. Superhero Calling

Superhero birthday party invitations

What a colorful and cheerful care for the happy celebration of the little one reaching another milestone this year! This card is designed by the famed Robyn Miller.

“We absolutely love this card. It was for my sons 4th birthday and when they arrived in the mail he was so excited and he said “Look Mom I’m on this card and I’m a superhero!” ~ BabyDuke, Illinois

2. Supergirl Calling

Supergirl birthday party invitations

And of course, we will have the same cute superhero party invitations for the  supergirls who accomplished many things during the past year!

“Great card option for hard-to-find girl superhero theme! Loved how you can personalize the little girl’s hair color to match your daughter’s hair. Easy to create, fast printing, and nice quality paper! Wish the site offered more in terms of envelope customization (lining inserts, different envelope colors, etc) but overall a great product!” ~ Tloubert

3. Cute Super Heroes

kids avengers party invitations

Calling all avengers! This is a great choice for superhero party invitations with both boys and girls.

“I personalized this card for my son’s sixth birthday party! It was so adorable and I was able to put two photo’s of him dressed up on the back – one when he was three months old and one from this year. The quality of the product was fantastic and it will be a wonderful memory in his scrapbook as a great start to his sixth year!” ~ Meredith4115, Ohio

4. Superhero – Boy

Superhero party invitations

It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s a super hero birthday party! Celebrate your son’s big day in a super special way with these comic book-inspired birthday party invitations.

“We used this for our son’s 5th birthday party which was superhero themed – it was very cute and perfect for the occasion!” ~ Jenniking100, Wisconsin

5. Superhero – Girl

Superhero party invitations

Same superhero party invitations tailor-made for the girls.

“This is a fantastic invitation for the active girls’ party!!” ~ Momsquared, Tennessee

6. Superheroes Unite!

Superhero birthday invitations

Gather all of the neighborhood superheroes together in a fun and vibrant way using these bold and bright photo birthday invites. Just be sure to include a snapshot of your special birthday superhero to complete the design!

“Everyone thought the invite was cute and fit the theme of my 3 year old’s birthday party. I wish the photo would have fit the space a little better, but overall I was very pleased with the way they turned out.” ~ Sainterry, Missouri

7. Super Spider-Kid

spiderman party invitation

Check out this cute and mini version of spiderman! Any aspiring superhero would love this.

“We ordered these for my son’s third birthday party. he was thrilled with Spider-Man and I received many compliments on the invitations. I highly recommend!” ~ OCMonkeymom, California

8. Birthday Bat-Kid

batman party invitation

And if he fancies to be a batman, then this would be a wonderfully cute card for the special celebration.

“These cards look GREAT! We are very pleased with the quality of the printing, pictures and colors. The only criticism I have is regarding the layout options and text size options. You can only select one font size for the party details. I wanted to make my son’s name and age larger, but was not able to. I also wanted to make the RSVP and ‘Don’t forget your socks’ notation smaller than the rest and couldn’t do that either. Finally, I would have liked only one picture on the front instead of two. More options regarding these issues would be great!” ~ Sweetboysmomma, Texas

9. Superhero Thriller

comic party invitations

Kids love to be the superhero in the comic thriller and this will be the perfect time to do it!

“If your child has a personality as exciting as this card, you must choose this party invite for their next birthday! The bright “superhero” colors let the guests know that this party is going to be amazing!”

10. Super Kid

Superhero party invitations

Let everyone know just how super your little one truly is with these fun and charming superhero party invitations. his adorable design is sure to make you a hero in his eyes!

“I love this card! I was looking for something superhero themed without purchasing the usual uninspiring superhero types that are located at most places. This card fit the bill. I have never been disappointed with Tiny Prints.” ~ Mommy of Ryan, Kentucky

11. It’s A Superparty – Blue

Superhero birthday invitations

Make the guest of honor feel like a real superhero with this bold, vibrant and charming superhero birthday party invite.

“If your child has a personality as exciting as this card, you must choose this party invite for their next birthday! The bright “superhero” colors let the guests know that this party is going to be amazing!”

12. It’s A Superparty – Red

Superhero birthday invitations

A slightly different but equally vibrant and catchy red version for a wonderful celebration.

“I overall liked this card. It is very cute. My daughter was excited to have an actual card for her party invite. She has been showing it to everyone! It would be nice if the picture was a bit more adjustable on the back. I would have liked to have a vertical picture option where you could also have font but that was not an option.” ~ Supermom1

How About These Superhero Party Supplies?

superhero comics party pack

If you don’t fancy the licensed characters, I highly recommend this superhero party supplies featuring a big bang for your super party!

This is the basic party supply pack, and you can instead pick the deluxe version or the one that comes with favor boxes (with discounts!) For small parties you can purchase selectively from the large selection a la carte.

How About The Avengers Party Pack?

avengers party supplies

Click here to check out your favorite superheros here!

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