Summer Party Invitations: Best-Selling Themes

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Stephanie Saurus

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On July 21, 2014
Last modified:July 22, 2014


Summer Party Invitations

I have been monitoring the fabulous sales of summer themed party invitations in July, and I am excited to share with you my findings today.

Top 10 Summer Party Invitations Themes

#1. Fish!

summer party invitations

Aren’t yo surprised the #1 theme is anything but fish? Not only that fishes are adorable animal loved by many of us, it is a unique theme that is very appropriate for splash parties.

Also, the collection showcased here has a cute and classy design that will fit a children’s splash birthday to a grown up get-together celebration. Check them out and see if you’ll agree.

#2. Pool and Beaches

summer party invitations

This is a no-brainer for the summer! Pool parties are such a refreshing way to get together with your friends and families, and children will never get bored of playing with water! If you live near a beach or just want something fun out of the blue, beach parties are excellent choices as well.

#3. Ice-cream

summer party invitations

What a delicious way to celebrate in the hot summer days! Children will especially appreciate an ice-cream birthday party held at a parlor or at your home.

#4. Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer party invitations

The Dora theme isn’t specifically summer related, but Dora has been one of the all-time favorites anyway and the theme stays popular during this cheerful season. The colorful “fiesta” theme that Dora and Friends have a great for summery parties as well.

#5. Ladybugs

Ladybug party invitations

This lovely little bug has been popular in Spring, and I am surprised that the love affair with ladybug continues in the summer! The charming collection of ladybug party cards are great choices for girls and teens’ parties. For boys, we do have one that is a hot seller!

#6. Cowboys and Cowgirls

Cowboy party invitations

Hee haw! Cowboys and western themes create fun parties all round the season. And the related themes such as cactus and the wild west reminds us of the hot season too. For girls, check out the cowgirls!

#7. Magic

Magic birthday invitations

Magic parties are wonderful idea all year long, and it is no different this year. Take a look at this truly special magic themed party invitations that will amaze your friends before they even before the party!

#8. Bowling

bowling birthday party invitations for boys

These bold and vibrantly printed bowling party invites have a style that fits perfectly to the exciting summer this year! There are designs specifically for boys and girls, and with or without the space for the photo.

#9. Baseball

Baseball party invitations

Summer is a good time for some baseball fun! There are baseball party invitation cards for kids’ birthday parties, as well as cool baseball kick off game invite for the big guys.

#10. Dinosaur

dinosaur party invitations

DinosaurThey can be adorable, they can be fierce… in any case kids love dinosaurs! Plan a cuddly dino celebration for the babies or an exciting excavation party for the bigger kid. The dino theme can be very versatile.