Star Wars Party Invitation Wording Samples: 5 Unique Ideas

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Star Wars Party Invitation Wording

Galactic wars, space ships and Jedi are sure to delight any boy. Whether young or old a Star Wars party is always an exciting theme to celebrate a birthday with. Guests are sure to enjoy as well especially when you send them a party invitation that will set the mood right from the start. What could be more appropriate than using Star Wars party invitation wording?

Star Wars Party Invitation Wording Samples

Give guests that Star Wars feel from the beginning with this narrative like wording.



In a galaxy not so far away three years ago in the year 2009
A baby boy was born. The Council named him Jedi Troy
And they knew he was the chosen one. In the years before his
Third birthday he has been learning the power of the force.

The Jedi Council seeks the presence of Padawans to join in
Jedi Troy’s 3rd Birthday.

Your presence is requested on April 19, Wednesday at 2 pm.

Transport to Jedi Troy’s home at 87 Maple Drive. Regrets
may be sent to Jedi Master Roy (074) 442 5999.

May the Force Be With You.

Another Star Wars party invitation wording that fits for a Jedi Knight:

Jedi Master
Summons you to his 3rd birthday!
Join him in a mission to celebrate and have fun.

All Jedi Knights are to report to Jedi Troy’s residence
87 Maple Drive
April 19th, Wednesday
At 2 pm

RSVP to the Jedi Council 074 442 5999

 Guests will surely know what the party is all about with this.

May the Force Be with You
As you journey to a galaxy not so far away
For Troy’s 3rd Birthday.

When: April 19, Wednesday
Where: 87 Maple Drive
Time: 2 pm

Regrets may be sent to the Jedi Master (074) 442 5999

Invite guests with a tone fitting for any galactic adventure!

Go you must, to Troy’s 3rd Birthday Party
In your best Star Wars costume.

Come Join the Forces on April 19, Wednesday
At 2 pm at 87 Maple Drive Galaxy Center.
Lots of Jedi Fun, Games and Food await you.

RSVP The Council at (074) 442 5999
Before April 19.

Despite being simple,  this Star Wars party invitation wording will work well for any space party.

April 19, Wednesday
2 PM

Troy Marcus
Shall be named a Jedi by The Council on his 3rd Birthday
Be sure to join the fun and games

At the Galactic Center at
87 Maple Drive

Let The Council know you’re coming!
RSVP 074 442 5999

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Star Wars party invitation wording These are just a few ideas that can work well with this kind of party theme. There are many other options when it comes to making Star Wars party invitations. Check out our other Star Wars invitation ideas.

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