Sports Party Invitations: 7 Super Birthday Ideas

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sports party invitations

Sports themed parties are always popular and easy to plan! You can either have a “multi-sports” party with lots of ball games for the kids, or if your little one is a big fan of a specific sport, there are lots of choices for individual sports especially for ball games below.

Please take some time to browse and click on them for details. The wordings on these sports party invites can all be customized.

Multi Sports Party Invitations

1. All Star

Sport party invitations

Is your athletic child’s dream sports birthday party invitation one that combines all the favorite sports? Then we’ve got you covered with this varsity level design n that features three different games.

This invite was perfect for my son’s 3rd birthday and many of the guests complimented the “adorable” stationary. (I bought the matching thank you notes too!!!!)” ~ rdarnold3, Oregon

2. Sporty Charm

Sports party invitations

This is a excellent choice for younger children’s sports birthday party featuring all the balls they like to kick and throw! What a clean and cute design against a vibrant and smart green color.

I was happy to use this card for my son’s 1st birthday party invite. He LOVES sports and this card fit our party theme quite well. His picture printed clearly with vibrant color. It was easy to edit and personalize according to my preferences. My only complaint, as minor and superficial as it is, is that a football was not included on the design… Other than that, everything was PERFECT.” ~ Teachingmom, Massachusetts

3. Play Ball (For Girls)

multi sports party invitations

This is a fun and colorful multi-sports party invitation… for girls! Whether you are planning on party games in golf, ice hockey, football, basketball, baseball and soccer, it is going to be a card that suits your needs.

4. Play Ball (For Boys)

multi sports party invitations

And here is the same design of the multi-sports party invite with color theme for the boys.

I was able to add the names of my twin boys who are turning 10. Very fun invitation!” ~ Twin, Minnesota

5. Let’s Play Ball

multi sports birthday party invitations

Wow, this is one unconventional sports birthday party invite for kids — and even cool enough for teens! If your little one can’t decide whether basketball, baseball or football is the ultimate favorite, this is going to be great choice for the upcoming birthday celebration.

Unique Sports Party Invitations

6. Rock Climbing

Sport party invitations - Rock climbing

Give your little one free reign to climb as high as he or she can go! This fun rock climbing party invitation is perfect for a celebration at the local climbing gym.

We had so many comments on our clever invitations and Rock climbing party. Our b-day boy really enjoyed every element of his ROCK ON party.” ~ nicals2, Georgia

7. Mini Golf

mini golf party invitations

If your party is featuring some fancy games such as mini golf, this mini-golf birthday party invitation will be an excellent choice to get the little guests excited.

This is a simple and cute way to invite people to a mini-golf party. I loved that they had an option in pink; it made my little girl happy to have pink in her invites.” ~ Gillda, California

Other Specific Sports Party Invitations

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