Space Party Invitations: 7 Exciting Ideas

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On February 8, 2014
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space party invitations

Does your child dream of an adventure in the space? Let’s bring this dream closer to home by throwing an exciting celebration with a space party theme!

All you need is some planning, imagination and of course, a very nice party invitations. Below please find my personal favorite and you can learn more about them but clicking the links.

Personalized Space Party Invitations

1. Space Travel

Space party invitations

Let the news of your child’s birthday orbit in style with this charming space party invitation!

This invitation was used for our 3 year olds party and was so cute and fun. The paper was great quality, a nice heavy card stock. Some of the parents even took the time to comment about how nice they invitations were.” ~ vmhill, Michigan

2. Space Explorer

Space party invitations

Shoot for the stars when planning your son’s next birthday celebration with this awesome space birthday invitation. Packed with planetary fun, guests will take flight with this charming invite!

3. Lunar Charm

Space party invitations

Personalize this space age party invitation for a party that’s out of this world!

4. Adorable Orbit

Space party invitations

Like your little one, this imaginative photo birthday party invitation is filled with wonder!

5. New Galaxy

Star Wars party invitations

Whether your little one’s friends are more like aliens or astronauts, they are all sure to think the fun design of this star wars inspired party invitation is out of this world!

My almost 6 yo son is a huge Star Wars fan but we didn’t necessarily want to do the whole ‘licensed’ thing. This invite is perfect! It suggests SW without hitting you over the head about it. The paper and print quality are great – which was surprising given the affordable price. Have ordered from this line before and will definitely order again!” ~ Iswhit, Georgia

6. Solar System

space birthday invitations

Whether your little one is an aspiring astronaut or a budding astronomer, these space birthday party invitations encourage an interest in science in a fun and stylish way!

Absolutely loved the invite. Perfect for our science museum/planetarium party!” ~ Ddayries, Louisiana

7. Awesome Astronaut

Astronaut party invitations

If your little one’s is interested in science and adventure, let his or her unique sense of style blast off to new heights with these fun and charming astronaut party invitations.

Got these for my son’s 5th birthday party at the science museum nearby. He loves seeing his face on it. Very cute and high quality.” ~ SKMD, Oklahoma

How About These Space Party Supplies?

I highly recommend this space party supplies featuring the “Space Mission” theme.

This is the basic party supply pack, and you can instead pick the deluxe version or the one that comes with favor boxes (with discounts!) For small parties you can purchase selectively from the large selection a la carte.

I have purchased many themes from Celebrate Express. This by far has been the nicest. The plates have an astronaut, the cups a lunar module and the placemats a beautiful picture of Earth. The napkins matched a large (4″) sticker that was in the “treat bags”. Most of the time you see one picture repeated over and over on all the products. These looked beautiful together. The tablecloth was reflective silver. The theme balloon had an astronaut on one side and the Earth on the other. The treat boxes and centerpiece were difficult to put together and had to be punched out carefully. The directions were poor. However, they were amazing when they were finished.” ~ Hooter, Kansas

Other Popular Birthday Party Invitations

Check out these cool birthday invitation ideas for boys and girls! You may want to check out my pinterest page on this theme as well.

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