Spa Party Invitations For Girls: Time To Get Pampered!

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On June 25, 2014
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spa party invitations

Need a refreshing party theme for your special girl? How about a girls only Spa Party? The following collection is great for both teens and pre-teens.

Please note that these cards can be easily personalized online for yourself for free. For details please click on the images or links. Enjoy!

Personalized Spa Party Invitations For Teens

1. Spa Girls

Spa party invitations

Host a unique birthday party full of face masks, hair treatments, nail polish and good old fashioned fun with these charming spa birthday party invitations.

“The invitation was very cute, with vivid colors. It arrived several days ahead of schedule!” ~ Jpsych, Alabama

2. Painted Toes

Spa party invitations

Let the girls have a fabulous day of pretty toes with these spa party invitations featuring the teenage girls’ favorite pastime.

3. Posh Polish

Spa party invitations

Whether you are planning the party to be at a spa parlor or at the comfort of your home, this spa party invite will be a favorite among the girls.

4. Sleepover Style

Slumber party invitations

If your little girl is older, you might consider a girls’ sleepover party and invite her best friends to come over for an all-girls’ night!

Spa and Fashion Party Invitations for Pre-Teens

Let’s have a splash with an all-girls’ party playing dressups, painting finger and toe nails and other crazy stuff!

5. Glamour Girls

Girls-only birthday invitations

First of all, give the girls something to giggle about with these adorable, girls’ fashion party invitations!

“I was very happy with these invites. They turned out so cute. Simple to create.” ~ Lisap555, Massachusetts

6. Perfect Polish

Girls only party invitations

Let your daughter embrace her girly side in style with these fun and fashionable¬†girls party invitations. It’s the perfect way to prep for a day of pampering!

“Love how the invites turned out. Great quality, speedy delivery. Used them for my 6 yr old’s nail party for her b day.” ~ Tahnee, Colorado

How About These Special Spa Party Supplies?

spa party supplies

There is an exclusive spa party supplies from Birthday Express that you may want to check out.

The one featured here is the deluxe party pack and you can get a basic pack or even an ultimate party pack with all the goodies such as party favor boxes. Please click the link for more details.

“I ordered this product for my god-daughter’s 8th birthday. I encorporated it into a spa & fashion show birthday party. All y guests loved it. We had a blast..” ~ Mari0302

Other Charming Birthday Party Invitations

Here are some suggestions for the pink and frilly:

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