Spa Party Invitation Wording: Samples: Ideas For Girls’ Celebrations

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spa party invite wording

Getting pampered and pretty will make any girl feel like a princess. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower or just another get together a spa party will always be a big hit with the girls.

Another way to make this type of event much more exciting is by sending out cards with creative spa party invitation wording ideas.

Spa Party Invitation Wording Samples

A fun rhyme to let guests know what to expect.

Pedicures and manicures
Makeovers and more
Everything that girls adore
This is what Gracie has in store

Join her for a spa party
On September 20, Monday
At 347 Sherman Street
10 AM

RSVP 785-823-0824

Get guests hyped up with this spa party invitation wording.

It’s a Spa Party!

Get ready to relax and celebrate
While getting pampered all day

Join Gracie for her 13th Birthday
At the Day Spa, 347 Sherman Street
On September 30, Monday
10:00 AM

Save a spot  785-823-0824

Something for brides-to-be and her girlfriends.

It’s almost Gracie’s Big Day!
Let’s spend some time
Getting pampered all the way.

Come to the Day Spa
At 347 Sherman Street
On Monday, September 30
10 AM
For manicures, pedicures and more!

Regrets only 785-823-0824

Another spa party invitation wording suggestion for a bridesmaids’ party or even a bridal shower.

Getting all ready for the big day
From picking flowers to choosing a dress,
It can’t be easy, so come and de-stress
At a bridal shower honoring Gracie

When: September 30, Monday
Where: Day Spa, 347 Sherman Street
Time: 10 AM

Let us know if you can come  785-823-0824

This play on words will make any invite full of fun.

Get ready to have a SPA-ctacular time!

Get pampered and spoiled all day
For Gracie’s 13th Birthday!
Manicures and pedicures,
Make-up and hair
While you relax at the spa chair

Join her at the Day Spa at 347 Sherman Street
On September 30, Monday 10 AM

Regrets only 785-823-0824

Spa party invitation wordingNot what you need?  

Not to worry, since there are a lot of other spa birthday and party invites that you can get inspirations.

If you don’t feel like doing all the hard work, getting these invitation templates and simply add your party details saves so much time. Give it a try will ya?

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