Soccer Party Invitations: 5 Exciting Ideas for Boys & Girls

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On April 30, 2014
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soccer party invitations

For all the soccer moms: Would you like to have a soccer-themed party for your child and the team? Here are a few party invitations that are created just for you.

Please note that the wordings in these cards can be customized — click on the images or links for details!

Personalized Soccer Party Invitations

1. Just For Kicks – Red

soccer party invitations

What a fun soccer party invite with a smart red font against a vibrant colors featuring a blue sky and a open soccer field. This is a brand new 2011 collection and a perfect card for your aspiring soccer star.

2. Just For Kicks – Yellow

This soccer party invitation has the same design with a different color theme. If your kid prefers yellow or if his/her favorite team has a yellow color, then this card will be more appropriate.

3. Soccer Shindig – Boy

soccer party invitations

For aspiring soccer star, your boy would love to have this soccer party invite featuring the exciting moment of every soccer game.

4. Soccer Shindig – Girl

soccer party invitations

And of course, we have this cute and smart soccer party invitations for girls!

Multi-Sports Party Invitations Featuring Soccer

Sports party invitations

Here is a cute multi-sports party invite with soccer together with other fun sports that allows you to feature the great smile of your little one on your card. If your child loves different ball games this is a great choice.

“I picked this card for my son’s 6th birthday party in which we did a soccer theme. Everyone commented on the unique birthday invitation with the photo.” ~ MamaofBoys, Indiana

For Soccer Party Supplies…

soccer party supplies

I highly recommend this soccer party supplies featuring a smart soccer ball.

This is the basic party supply pack, and you can instead pick the deluxe version or the one that comes with favor boxes (with discounts!) For small parties you can purchase selectively from the large selection a la carte.

“We are soccer fans and nothing better for us to celebrate our son second birthday with a soccer theme. Everything is perfect and it came really fast. The price is affordable and of course I will recomended Birthday express.I’m so excited. I can’t wait for the birthday party!!!” ~ Aletilla, Virginia

For Other Sports Party Ideas For Boys And Girls

Check out the sports party invitations featuring multi-sports ball games and other unique theme such as rock climbing and mini golf. Lots of refreshing ideas for your upcoming sport-theme party!

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