Slumber Party Invitation Wording: 6 Super Fun Samples

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Stephanie Saurus

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On January 21, 2014
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slumber party invite wording

Who wouldn’t get excited over a slumber party? Lat nights, popcorn, pillow fights, make overs and lost of stories are just some things that make parties like these exciting. Both little girls and teenagers are sure to welcome a slumber themed birthday or party. Get everyone ready by using these wordings with your slumber invitations.

Slumber Party Invitation Wording Samples

Get everyone excited by letting them in on what to expect during the sleepover.

Staying up late,
Having lots of fun,
And getting nails done
Is what a slumber is all about.

Pack your PJ’s and pillows
Head over to 2419 Renwick Drive
On September 2, Friday
At 8 PM

RSVP Cheska 484-291-3099

Include the celebrant’s name for a more detailed invite.

Daphne is turning 12
This calls for a Slumber Party!

Time to get girly and
Stay up late on Friday, September 2
At 2419 Renwick Drive at 6PM
Pick time will be at 10 AM

RSVP Cheska 484-291-3099

Another slumber party invitation wording that let guests in on what’s going to happen.

Pillow fights, popcorn and girl talk too
Dapnhe’s having a slumber party and inviting you!

Bring you pajamas and sleeping bags to
2419 Renwick Drive
On Friday, September 2
At 6 PM

Regrets Only to Cheska (484) 291-3099

Here’s one for a surprise slumber bash.

Here’s a secret to keep under the covers
Daphne’s turning 12!
Join us for a surprise birthday bash for her

On September 2, Friday
At 2419 Renwick Drive
6 PM

Don’t forget to wear your PJ’s and
Bring your sleeping bag!
RSVP 484-291-3099 Cheska

Try a catchy rhyme that will surely catch the attention of guests.

Bring your pillow and sleeping bag too
Daphne’s having a sleep over and inviting you!
Make-up and movies the whole night
Girl talk to keep you up til morning light.

Come to 2419 Renwick Drive
On Friday, September 2
At 6 PM

Cal Cheska for regrets (484) 291-3099

This slumber party invitation wording is simple, yet catchy.

Grab your PJ’s and
Get ready for a pillow fight and
Lots of girl talk all night.

It’s a slumber party!
When:  September 02, Friday
Where: 2419 Renwick Drive
Time: 6 PM
Pick Up: 10 AM

RSVP Cheska  484-291-3099

But I am Just TIRED Of Coming Up with Clever Wordings Every Year! Is There a Template?

Slumber party invitation wordingI hear you… with a few kids I used to do it several times a year. But I have now switched to templates — yes they are available, but better yet you can customize with your party details so it still LOOKS personal.

It saves so much time, and really, not that expensive!

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