Sheep Baby Shower Invitations: 3 Wolly Ideas!

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sheep baby showers

For a sweet and gentle mom-to-be, no theme is more suitable than the wooly sheep. Please take a look at the following collection featuring a design with 3 different color themes.

Please note that all these baby shower invitations can be personalized with your own words and you can easily do this online for free. Please click the links and images for details.

Custom Sheep Baby Shower Invitations

1. Sweet Sheep: Gender Neutral

sheep baby shower invitations

Mares are sweet and does are elegant, but these little lambs are are lively and fun on this baa-baa sheep baby shower invitation. Expect flocks of friends to have lots of wild and woolly fun when you set your theme with this cute card.

2. Sweet Sheep: Boys

sheep baby shower invitations

For the mommy who is expect a little boy or if her favorite color is baby blue, this little lamb baby shower invitation will be a lovely card for her.

3. Sweet Sheep: Girls

sheep baby shower invitations

If the family is welcoming a baby girl this sheep baby shower invite is perfect for the mommy and little angel.

Looking For Some Sweet Baby Shower Party Supplies?

girl blessing baby shower party supplies

If you are looking for some unique decorations and party supplies including matching plates, cups, napkins and table covers, then check out this lovely baby shower party supplies

… and these baby shower supplies for boys:

boy blessing baby shower party supplies

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