Secret Santa Invitations for Christmas: 6 Fabulous Ideas!

Santa is coming to town sooner than you think! Whether it’s the classic secret santa party, or simply a Santa Claus themed celebration with kids and family, you will find an invitation idea perfect for you.

Check out these Secret Santa Invitations

1. Secret Santa Badge

secret santa invitations

Here is a classic Secret Santa invitation to get your guests ready and excited!

Santa Claus Party Invitations

These designs were not designed specifically for Secret Santa, but you can easily change the wording to make it perfectly matches your theme.

2. Santa’s Delight

santa claus party invitations

A lovable Santa and his littlest helper have come to welcome all your loved ones with open arms in this charming Santa Claus party invitation. Dotted and delightful, this design is full of festive charm.

“I also purchased the address labels and gift tag stickers. I stuck the gift tag stickers to the back of the invitation. On the back of the invitation I also adhered a magnetic strip so it could be put on the fridge.” ~ Krusty, Australia

3. Santa’s Cookies

santa claus party invitations

If you like an invite with a good sense of humor, this funny Santa Claus holiday invite will be an excellent choice.

4.Very Merry Christmas

A sleek and modern design that can easily be customized for your very own Secret Santa party.

5. Santa Soiree

santa claus party invitations

A lively design with a touch of sophistication that suits Christmas parties for children, teens, adults and grannies alike.

6. Cool Yuletide

secret santa invitations

For a truly unconventional card, this design with a vintage Santa with peppermint inspired stripes will make you the coolest hostess in your neighborhood.

Did You Know that Secret Santa is also known as White Elephant Gift Exchange?

Check out our White Elephant Gift Exchange page! We have more popular festive party invites. Check them out below, or visit our facebook page for more festive ideas.

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