Scary Halloween Party Ideas: 10 Spine-Chilling Themes!

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On November 9, 2013
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Scary Halloween Party Ideas

If you are planning a memorable Halloween party this year, then you have to check out these scary Halloween Party Ideas and Scary Halloween invitations to set the stage before the fun begins.

Whether you fancy the skull, wolfman, bat or the haunted house, monsters or devil, you will find a scary theme that’s tailor made for your very own party this year.

My 10 Scary Halloween Party Ideas

1. Haunted Backyard

Halloween Party Ideas Using Your Backyard

Do you have a backyard at your place? Turn it into the scariest Halloween party venue with just a few props! Dig out a old wooden fence, and place some dried leaves on top. Grab a few toy spiders and scary bugs from Toys R Us and have them creep all over in places where there is a glimpse of light.

By the way, if you manage to dim the light at the entrance, you can create this creepy scene to welcome your guest… even better!

For best result, get this “Rising Moon” invitation to match with your spooky backyard party theme.

Scary halloween party invitations

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2. Dracula Attack

Create a Scary Halloween Party With Paper and Lighting

This is a fun and simple DIY party theme that you will enjoy preparing with the whole family.

First, cut out paper bats using a sample that you can easily get from the Internet. Then, you can hang some of them up to the ceiling as danglers, a few on the wall and the others are various corners of the party room.

Then, get a few light torch and point them towards the wall (instead of directly at the bats) to fill the room with scary silhouettes.

For best result, cut the paper bats using both black and dark purple craft papers. If you are creative you can cut out other shapes e.g. The Dracula and other related scary creatures, and even try using aluminum and other sparkly paper for interesting effect.

Don’t forget to get this matching Mysterious Bat Halloween invitation to wow your family and friends!

Bat halloween party invitations

3. Walking Zombies

How to Set Up a Zombie Halloween Party

The easiest way to create the spooky zombie decor at your entrance… is to have the host (i.e. you!) dressed in rags and walk like a zombie!

When you hear the doorbell, dim the light and open the door slowly with the classic zombie look. For extra scary effect, hold a small light torch, cover it will green cellulose paper, and point it towards your face from below.

You can also try hanging some clothes at the backyard with some strings dangling to give them a ragged effect. Place it in a spot where only the silhouettes will be seen… Creepy!

If you like the Zombie party, check out this Zombie Arise Halloween invitation that will be prove to be a memorable keepsake for years to come!

Zombie Halloween party invitations

4. Creepy Skull

How to Create a Skull Lantern

There are lots of way to decorate your place with a skull party theme. You can cut off paper skulls (similar to how to make paper bats in #2) and decorate it all over the room. You can also get a 3D skull from party store as a center piece… better yet, if you manage to find a skull lantern, it will definitely be the creepiest!

For a simple DIY skull lantern, you can get a big (and preferably shallow) glass container and put a candle in it, to get a transparent lantern ready. Then, get a skull mask or if you are really on a shoe string, cut out a paper skull and stick it on the glass. Viola!

To create a truly chic and creepy party you will need to send out this awesome “Intimidating Inkblot” invitation:

Skull halloween party invitations

5. Chilling Graveyard

How to Make Your DIY “Tombstone” Look Like 100 Years Old

This is probably the easiest decoration you can ever get for a Halloween party, but to make it truly impressive you’ve got to put in the details. Let me show you how.

1. Whether you are going to make the grave stone using cardboard or other materials, it looks best if the “stone” and the carving looks aged. To do that you can write the carvings (i.e. RIP or other scary words) using a permanent marker, then rub it — pretty roughly — on a sandy ground. Then, “bury” the cardboards in the soil for a few days and you will get an aged effect!

2. When placing the tombstone, don’t put it upright — slanted, even fallen down.

3. Lighting works wonder for evening parties. You can stick a small light torch in the soil and pointed towards the tombstone — not directly, but on the side in order to create scary shadows. You may need a few light torches if you have several tombstones in your “graveyard”.

Enjoy and don’t forget to grab this creepy “Spooky Winds” invitation for your upcoming party!

tombstone halloween party invitations

6. Sinister Spider Trap

How to Make Your Plastic Spiders Look Real

For a spider Halloween theme, I am sure you’ll get some spiders from the toy store for your decoration, so I am going to give you suggestions on how to most effectively decorate your place with these spiders

1. Instead of placing all on the table, try dangling some of them from the ceiling. Dump a few on the floor. Prepare to hear shrieks when people step on them. (To make the experience extra scary, try putting a cracker or something so it “cracks” when you step on it — feels so much more real!)

2. Most people will make the cobweb out of stretched cotton balls. That will do as long as you spread them out thin so it looks gauzy instead of lumpy. Hang them across doorways and corners where there are shades of lights.

Note on fire hazard: don’t hang them too close to light blubs.

3. If you are skilful at pumpkin crafting, a spider-patterned pumpkin will be an excellent centerpiece idea.

Finally… if I were to have a spider theme, I would definitely get this scary yet whimsical Spider Halloween party invitation, would you?

spider Halloween party invitations

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7. Handful of Blood

A “Delicious” Fake Blood Recipe

Have you thought about preparing fake blood that even your guests you like to taste!?

Here is the recipe of the Chocolate Blood:
Mix syrup (preferably light corn syrup) with red-color food dye until you get a concentration that looks like the color of blood. Then, slowly add cocoa power to give it a darker and thicker texture. Taste and serve.

For you are expecting young kids at all… prepare some red finger paints for them to play with — this is probably the easiest to wash and definitely baby friendly.

For a scary party invite I would highly recommend this ” blood drive” Halloween party invite for all your daring guests.

Bloody Halloween party invitations

8. Devil Invite

Turn on some eerie music and lead your guests to your Hell! You will have to dress like a devil — and I would think some greenish make up will do the trick, and if you like, a pair of pointed ears and bloody teeth, or even a mask will do the trick.

For your very own hellish decoration, something with the color of black and red would be great. How about those fake flashy fire torches? They work wonders.

The Chocolate Blood recipe as described above will work well for this party too.

For a vintage inspired card design, please check out this cool “Scary Scroll” halloween invitation.

Scary halloween party invitations

9. Monster Crawls

Pick a Creepy Niche for a Truly Unique Party

If you are getting tired of the monster theme… then get into a niche, like monster claws!

Google for “monster claws” to find all sorts of scary and spooky claws you can ever find. Cute and paste them all around for others to see. You can either run Claws Game and let people guess what animals the claws should belong to. Research for some wacky animals like anteater to keep your friends entertained and impressed.

You can also have another fun-fact Q&A about claws… for example, which animal has the strongest claws? A particular breed of owl (from what I read from a museum — please double check).

Don’t forget to send out this creepy “Shadow Attack” party invitation and “grab” your buddies to your party!

Monster halloween party invitations

10. The Howl

Three Activities for a Wolfman Party Theme

Just to let you know, the full moon is going to be appear on the 12th in the month of October in 2011, so you won’t be able to take advantage of the nature to create your wolfman in full moon theme.

But then, there are lots of way to keep your guests scared and excited with this theme. Take for example:

1. Cut out a series of paper cuts depicting wolf turning to wolfman. This would require some artistic skills… but will be one of the most unique and coolest wall decor you will ever find to impress your guests.

2. Fun fact Q&A on wolfman and full moon. That would be an interesting activity for a more academic crowd.

3. The Wolfman DVD. And why not? It’s one of the scariest movies ever, and most appropriate for a Halloween evening party. Click here for the original Wolfman classic.

If you are settling on this Moonlight Howl Halloween invite, then this will be one elegant yet chilling invitation.

Wolfman halloween party invitations

Halloween Cards For Kids

There are 90+ Halloween cards for kids available with themes from bats to little monsters to silly costumes.

These cards are small (measured 3.5 x 2.5 inches, just slightly bigger than the iPhone) but they are perfect for kids to write the names of their buddies as well as their own.

Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed browsing and clicking through these cards! For more party invitation ideas, go to our facebook or Hallowen page for more interesting themes.