30+ Fabulous Sanrio Coloring Pages

Are you a big fan of cute cartoon characters from Japan? Then you should check out these Sanrio coloring pages that feature the most popular characters in the family.

Hello Kitty

hello kitty coloring  Hello Kitty is THE representative of Sanrio given her popularity and commercial success. The white kitty is seen everywhere and so we are able to get a collection of Hello Kitty coloring sheets with a wide variety of styles.


Believe it or not, in our site Keroppi is the most popular Sanrio coloring pages. Why? Because Keroppi coloring sheets are hard to find and good quality ones are very rare!Our Keroppi coloring sheets are quite unique because I personally created them based on the Keroppi online calendars and wallpapers downloaded from official Sanrio websites. For the full collection please check out here on Keroppi coloring pages.  Keroppi coloring pages

My Melody

 My Melody coloring pages Similar to Keroppi, My Melody coloring sheets are also rare and I made the following myself (for my daughter) so they are also pretty unique.

Little Twin Stars

Little Twin Stars are not as popular these days but they do have a solid following.

Little twin stars coloring pages

Sanrio coloring sheets are very suitable for young children because kids can fill in any bright colors and they will turn out great. I hope you enjoy this collection and other coloring sheets in this site!