Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards for 2014: 10 Modern Ideas

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On July 20, 2014
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Rosh Hashanah greeting cards

Rosh Hashanah 2014 will fall on the secular date of September 24 (at sundown) to September 26. Are you ready to celebrate?

Have a Special Rosh Hashanah 2014!

One of the most thoughtful yet easiest way to celebrate Jewish New Year with your dear friend and families, especially those who don’t live nearby, is to send them Rosh Hashanah greetings via a personalized photo card.

Take a look and you will instantly fall in love with them!

Personalized Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards

Say Shana Tova to your loved ones for best wishes for a Good Year with these customized Rosh Hashanah cards featuring your best photo of the year.

1. Honeycomb Frame

Rosh Hashanah cards

Let me first introduce to you this lovely Rosh Hashanah card with the traditional honeycomb motif in a modern style, featuring the favorite photo that you can easily upload and personalize your very own card.

2. New Silhouette

Rosh Hashanah cards

This is a clean and modern Rosh Hashanah greetings featuring a family photo of your choice with a cute yet classy font saying Shana Tova — send your Good Year greeting to your family and friends with this fun and thoughtful card!

3. Hebrew Cutouts

Rosh Hashanah cards

A truly special card featuring the New Year greetings in Hebrew illustrated by a lovely floral pattern. The purple background makes this Rosh Hashanah photo card stand out from the crowd.

4. Apples ‘n Honey

personalized Rosh Hashanah cards

If you have a big family, this is an excellent choice for your Rosh Hashanah greeting this year in which your family member can be featured in one of the little squares, together with the familiar apple and honey designs that your parents will appreciate!

5. Overlaying Script

personalized Rosh Hashanah cards

A simplistic design with a classy navy for the sophisticated celebration of this year’s Jewish New Year.

6. Fruitful Wishes

personalized Rosh Hashanah cards

A whimsical New Year photo card with the Jewish stars and the fruit, and ample space for you to insert two cheerful pictures with a warm purple and brown background.

7. Honeycomb Pattern

Rosh Hashanah greeting cards

A truly classy card with a subtle honeycomb design to welcome the upcoming Rosh Hashanah. This card works best with a black-and-white photo as shown, or one with sepia effect. You can easily turn your ordinary photo to black-and-white / Sepia in the online platform — learn more by clicking on the image or link.

8. Pomegranate Star

Rosh Hashanah greeting cards

A sweet greeting card featuring the Jewish Star with red apple pattern — certainly a festive and happy card to send your very own Shana Tova to your family and friends!

Rosh Hashanah Photo Cards – Flat Rectangular Design

9. Tree Silhouette

Rosh Hashanah greeting cards

A rustic and elegant card with a cute apple on the tree symbolizing this very important Jewish New Year celebration. Send this card out and I am sure you will get lots of compliments!

10. Sweet Honeycomb

Rosh Hashanah greeting cards

Another card that lets you include lots of family photos without worrying about how to present these photos in a nice way. The subtle honeycomb pattern brightens the card with a festive touch that your traditional Jewish family and friends will appreciate.

58 Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards Waiting For You to Explore!

More Rosh Hashanah cardsIt’s hard to include every card here, but you can click here for the full collection of Rosh Hashanah greeting cards. With 58 designs to choose from, I am sure you will find one that delights you and your dear family.

Shana Tova and have a Good ‘n Sweet Year ahead!