Roller Skating Party Invitation Wording Samples: 5 Fun Ideas for Boys and Girls

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Stephanie Saurus

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On February 2, 2014
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roller skating party invite wording

Wheels, speed and lots of fun make the perfect roller skating party. Older kids who want a party that is both fun and unique will surely enjoy this kind of birthday. Jump start your celebration with themed invitations and matching wording too.

Roller Skating Party Invitation Wording Samples

Catch your guests’ attentions with this fun rhyme.

Grab your skates and mark the date
It’s time to have fun and celebrate

Jennifer is turning 12
On March 22, Saturday 2 PM
The Roller Rink at 227 Williams Lane

RSVP Tammy 316-522-2393

Here is another rhyme which is just as fun as the first one.

Jennifer is soon turning 12
Please come and celebrate
At the roller rink where we can skate

Roll on over on March 22, Saturday
2 o’clock in the afternoon
227 Williams Lane

Regrets only to Molly 316-522-2393

Want something simpler? This will work very well.

Come Skate and Celebrate
Jennifer’s 12th Birthday is here

When: March 22m, Saturday
Where: Skating Rink , 227 Williams Lane
Time: 2 PM

Regrets: 316-522-2393 (Molly)

Check out this roller skating party invitation wording suggestion. Let everyone know about the fun that awaits them at your party.

Have fun and skate the day away
Join the celebration because
It’s Jennifer’s birthday!

Lace Up and head to the roller rink
At  227 Williams Lane
On March 22, 2 PM

Let us know if you can come  316-522-2393

Opting for roller blades instead of skates? This will do the job nicely.

Roll out your blades and
Get ready to have loads of fun.
It’s Jennifer’s Birthday!

Fast track to the Roller Rink
At  227 Williams Lane
On March 22, 2 PM

RSVP Molly  316-522-2393

Roller skating party invitation wordingNeed More Inspiration?

There are a lot of other roller skating party invitations that you will find around. Don’t forget that there are also a lot of other ideas that can be used.

Maybe you can even use these templates instead of frying your braincell to word your own invite? It’s really not that expensive :)

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