Rocket Party Invitation Wording: 5 Zooming Samples and Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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rocket party invite wording

Space adventures and aliens are just some of the things that come with a rocket themed party. Boys are sure to have a blast with this kind of birthday. There’s no reason to wait until the big day to get the excitement started. Send out rocket themed invitations with matching wordings to get the party started.

Rocket Party Invitation Wording Samples

Fitting wording for a party that will be filled with fun and excitement.

Come have a Blast!
At Nathan’s 10th Birthday Celebration

Join the fun on February 24, Tuesday
At 1781 McVaney Road
Count down starts at 4 PM

RSVP Tina 818-998-1975

Here’s one that uses a lot of words related to space and rockets.

Get ready for a party that’s out of this word
As Nathan turns 10

Launch Date: February 24, Tuesday
Blast Off Time: 4 Pm
Sector:  1781 McVaney Road

RSVP to Sector Commander Tina (818-998-1975)

Count down to the event with this invitation wording.

3…2…1… Blast Off!
We’re counting down to Nathan’s Big Day
Won’t you come and play

There’ll be lots of fun and games so
Zoom over to 1781 McVaney Road
On February 24, Tuesday
At 4 PM

Regrets only to Tina (818-998-1975)

This wording can be used not just for a rocket party but other space themes too.

Zoom to infinity and beyond
On Nathan’s rocket
As he turns 10

February 24, Tuesday
4 PM
At 1781 McVaney Road

RSVP Tina 818-998-1975

Even this simple rocket party invitation wording makes a big difference.

Blast off to a party
That will send you out of this world

Join us as we celebrate Nathan’s Birthday
On February 24, Tuesday 4PM
At 1781 McVaney Road

Regrets to Tina 818-998-1975

Need More Inspirations?

Rocket party invitation wordingLooking for some more wording ideas?

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