Reptile Party Invitations: 6 Cool Ideas!

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On July 9, 2014
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Reptiles — you may not find them adorable, but your child finds them fascinating! A reptile themed party is the coolest theme you can get for your child who happen to love these interesting creatures.

Please note that these cards can be easily personalized by yourself online for free. Click the images or links to find out more!

Personalized Reptile Party Invitations

1. Frog’s leap

Frog party invitations

All of your little one’s friends will be jumping for joy when they see the cute and vibrant frog on this cheerful, polka dotted frog party invitation!

“I really liked how this card turned out, and I got a lot of compliments from the recipients about how cute it was! The picture I submitted was high resolution and turned out GREAT!! The paper quality was excellent, as usual. It was adorable! 🙂 I would highly recommend it to everyone! :)” ~ Lema, Washington

2. Desert Dwellers

Reptile party invitations

While I personally don’t fancy lizards I have to say these are amazing reptile party invitations — modern and beautiful design with a one-of-a-kind theme. If your kid looks for something special, I would definitely recommend it.

3. Gator Cake

Reptile party invitations

For the little crocodile fans, this vibrant and colorful reptile themed birthday party invite will surely be a hit among family and friends.

Note: Square-shaped cards have a higher postage charge (around 20¢ – 44¢ extra) if posted in the US.

Related Birthday Party Invitations

These equally cool creatures can make an excellent party theme as well!

Dinosaur Party Invitations

dinosaur party invitations

10 dinosaur party invitations in a wide variety of styles are available here. Please click to find out more.

Dragon Party Invitations

dragon party invitation for kids birthday

Dragons are fairy tale creatures, but if you are real I would think they are likely reptiles too! Please click on the card or the link to view the dragon collection.


Turtle Party Invitations

Many kids who are fond of reptiles also love turtles. If your child is one of them, feel free to browse these refreshing design.

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