Rainbow Party Invitations: 7 Delightful Ideas!

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Stephanie Saurus

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On November 28, 2013
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rainbow party invitations

Rainbow party is a dream theme for girls who love colors, natures and all things pretty!

The following invitations can be easily customized and you can add your own wordings such as name, birthday age and party details by yourself online. Please click on the images or links for further instructions.

Custom Rainbow Party Invitations

1. Fluttering Glow

rainbow party invitations

An amazingly pretty and colorful invitation decorated with two fluttery butterflies. This is one of my favorite designs for girls.

2. Reverie Rainbow

rainbow party invitations

Your little girl will be thrilled to get featured in this brightly printed frame with stripes of rainbow colors. What a cheerful way to invite her friends and family for a great celebration!

3. One Year Wonderful

rainbow party invitations

Sweet rainbow plaited pattern with a cute font to highlight the great milestone for a little angel turning one. Perfect choice for the baby girl (and mommy) with style.

4. Burst Of Brightness

rainbow party invitations

This is a cool, almost eccentric invitation for a smart baby who is turning one! A great way to showcase your little one’s great smile as well.

5. Harmony In Time

rainbow birthday invitations

A colorful invitation with a touch of sophistication. The printed texture in the frame gives the card a more natural look which I really like.

6. Rainbow Waves

rainbow birthday invitations

An interesting design with predominately pink background with a cool waves of rainbow. Perfect for girls who appreciates things out of the ordinary.

7. Double Up

twins party invitations

A perfect card for twins — simple design that is greatly enhanced by a great choice of rainbow colors. It is really nice to be able to include two photos of the twins separately (as opposed to one big photo with two babies together).

Love This Rainbow Candy Buffet?

rainbow candy buffet

You can assemble your very own rainbow candy buffet by ordering the color of your choice online here. This will certainly be the highlight of the party!

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