Race Car Party Invitation Wording: 5 Zooming Ideas

Zoom! Our kids are growing so fast and it seems like the race car party theme is the most appropriate! If you are thinking along the racing car theme and looking for help in crafting the wordings, you have come to the right place.

Race Car Party Invitation Wording Samples

Here is short and sweet race car party invitation wording ideas for a quick start:

Cameron is racing towards his
6th Birthday!

Join the birthday fun

Saturday, April 23 2-4pm
Sunset Beach
123 Boundary Blvd
Join the race team by calling 123.456.789 by April 13

Here is a cute one with good rhyme that pre-schoolers will love:

Drivers, start your engines
and shift into gear.
We’re having a party to celebrate
Cameron’s Fifth Year!

Saturday, April 23 2-4pm
Magic Mini Go-Cart Center
123 Boundary Blvd
RSVP to Mum Megan at 123.456.789 by April 13

How about this variation that is good for boys and girls (yes, girls love cars too!)

Ladies and Gentlemen
Start your engines
Put the gears into drive
Carmen Jackson is turning FIVE!

Saturday, April 23 2-4pm
Boston Country Club
123 Boundary Blvd
RSVP to Mum Megan at 123.456.789 by April 13

For Disney Cars fans you can try something like this as the opening line. You can definitely expand the wordings using some of the quotes in the movie too.

Cameron is growing up lightning fast!
Come join us in celebrating his 4th birthday

Saturday, April 23 2-4pm
Camreon’s Speedway
123 Boundary Blvd
RSVP to Mum Megan at 123.456.789 by April 13

Finally, for the active kids who loves cars, engines and anything that moves fast, he will appreciate this race car party invitation wording suggestion:

Our Hotshot rookie is turning 4
Living life in the fast lane!
Please race on over to:

Silverstone Park
123 Boundary Blvd
Saturday, April 23 2-4pm

RSVP to Mum Megan at 123.456.789 by April 13

Need More Inspiration?

If you are looking for other car themed cards for inspiration or for purchase, then I’d like to show you these personalized race car party invitations that are among my personal favorites.

But I am Just TIRED Of Coming Up with Clever Wordings Every Year! Is There a Template?

I hear you… with a few kids I used to do it several times a year. But I have now switched to templates — yes they are available, but better yet you can customize with your party details so it still LOOKS personal.

It saves so much time, and really, not that expensive!

race car party invitation wording