Puppy Party Invitations: 6 Cutest Ideas for Dogs & Dog Lovers

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On January 26, 2014
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Puppy Party Invitations

Does your child love dogs and puppies? Have you thought about a birthday party along the theme of this favorite pal? Then look no further and click on one of these puppy party invitations!

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Personalized Puppy Party Invitations

1. Puppy Party

Dog party invitations

This cute puppy announces your little one’s age. What an adorable way to invite guests to celebrate your child’s birthday using this cutest puppy party invitation!

I used this for my 9 year old daughter’s birthday party at a humane society. Of all the dog themed invitations on the web it was the most eye-catching. I was happy I could personalize the card and include a request to donate to the humane society.” ~ Coconut, Illinois

2. Doggy Bash

puppy party invitations

Check out these fun and colorful dog party invitations featuring little cute dogs of all kinds. And look at the bone birthday cake. How cute!

3. Balloon Bowwow

puppy party invitations

And here is another fun-filled puppy party invitations that will an excellent choice for both dog the pet and the dog lover. You can get inspired by the card and decorate the room with dog-shaped balloons!

4. Pooch Party

puppy party invitations

There is one warm and sweet dog party invite that works best for a dog’s birthday. What a great idea to organize a cozy get-together with family and friends.

5. Puppy Topper

Dog party invitations

Looks like a spunky little pup caught wind of your little one’s upcoming birthday party! This utterly adorable dog birthday party invitation features fun design elements for a stylish appeal.

This card came out adorable. I had tiny prints send them for me and will do that again. It was so easy.” ~ KDaisy424, New York

6. Forest Frolic

Dog birthday invitations

This sweet silhouetted birthday party invitation features a frolicking girl and her dog walking in a detailed forest. As charming and simple as a storybook scene, this card will ensure your party ends happily ever after!

How About These Puppy Party Supplies?

dog party supplies

I adore this puppy party supplies featuring THE DOG!

You can either get this party supply pack as shown above (or even upgrade to the deluxe version for deeper discounts) or get the party plates, cups, napkins, banners, balloons, decorations, game kit and party favors separately.

“My daughter was SO excited about her DOG party. She is an animal lover & “oooed” & “ahhhed” over everything in the box when it arrived. Thanks for making my daughter’s birthday party such a festive & memorable time.” ~ Zimmerman, Arkansas

Personalized dog party supplies

There is a personalized version of the DOG party supplies as well as a pink poodle party collection for the girls!

Other Adorable Birthday Party Invitations

Check out these birthday invitation ideas for boys and girls!

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