Puppy Party Invitation Wording: 5 Fun Samples and Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On January 9, 2014
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puppy party invite wording

It’s no wonder that dog’s are man’s best friend. Caring, cute and cuddly especially as puppies, these animals are much loved by both the young and old.

With the popularity they have, its no wonder that they make a great theme for parties. Of course, there is no better way to get a puppy birthday or event started than with themed invitations. Use matching wordings to make things even more fun.

Puppy Party Invitation Wording Samples

Join us for a…
PAWSOME Birthday Party
As Christina is turning 2!

Saturday Mar 30, 1-5pm
Mimi Clubhouse
234 Flintstone Drive

Lunch & Cake will be served

RSVP to Sarah by Mar 15
at 234.567.8912

Get your guests to do some math with this puppy party invitation wording idea.

Christina is 42!
If you count in dog years!

Come join us for a pawfect party
Where we’ll have some chow
And some good old doggone fun!

When: March 30
Where: Mimi Clubhouse, 234 Flintstone Drive
Time: 1 to 5 PM

RSVP  Before March 15 (  234.567.8912)

How about using “dog language” for the invitation? Here’s how.

Woof-woof arf grrrrr woof-woof! Arrrf Christina!

Join us for a howlin’ good time,
It’s Christina’s Birthday!

Run over to the kennel on March 30
At  234 Flintstone Drive
Frolic with us from 1 to 5 PM

ARF!SVP’s to Sarah  234.567.8912

Here is a simple puppy party invitation wording idea filled with a lot of puppy fun.

Come wag your tail and
Wiggle your ears
It’s Christina’s birthday!

Date: March 30
Time: 1- 5 PM
Dog House: Mimi Clubhouse
234 Flintstone Drive

Regrets only to Sarah 34.567.8912

Fun wording that uses a lot of  Puppy references in it.

Woof! Woof!
It’s a Paw-ty!
Join us for some tail waggin’ fun
On Christina’s Birthday

Paw your way over to
Mimi clubhouse, 234 Flintstone Drive
On March 30, 1 PM

Give us a Woof if  you can come (34.567.8912)

puppy party invitation wordingBarking at the wrong tree? Don’t worry, there are a lot of other choices when it comes to puppy party invitations. There are also a whole lot of party ideas to be found in our pinterest boards.