Potluck and Dinner Party Invitations: 7 Delightful Ideas

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Dinner Party Invitations

Potluck and dinner parties are wonderful ways for a group of good friends to get together. These cards are designed specifically for this purpose and is great for a cozy evening in a small setting.

All the invites can be personalized with your own wordings and you can type in the text yourself online. For details please click on the images or links.

Personalized Potluck and Dinner Party Invitations

1. Potluck Party

potluck party invitations

Give your potluck party invitations a fun, modern update with this vibrant design.

“I do love this design. So fresh !” ~ Irini

2. Popular Potluck

potluck party invitations

This is a versatile design that is good for any baking parties and potluck get-together. If your party is held in the evening, the charcoal background will suit the time of the day really well.

3. Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving potluck invitations

We have a good collection of potluck invitation cards for Thanksgiving. Please click here to take a look.

Dinner Parties

4. Delicate Decoupage

dinner party invitations

Look at these elegant and delicate dinner party invitations– perfect for hostess who appreciate finer living and pay great attention to details.

5. Dinner Feast

dinner party invites

This is an invitation designed for a more casual setting. Whether it is meant for a housewarming party or a cozy gathering of good friends, this is a great choice for any season.

6. Festive Fanfare

dinner party invitations

What is oh-so-stylish and perfectly posh? Love this uniquely green invitation card with firework inspired pattern.

“I used this invite for a post-wedding brunch. I thought the colors were nice and bright and the design was festive for a daytime event. When I recieved the invite, it looked exactly as I anticipated it – and the stock was nice – it had a quality feel to it. I also got the silver envelopes and return labels that go with this. It made for a good total package invite.” ~ ts2012, California

6. Formal Setting

dinner party invitations

Another elegant design that has proved to be very popular.

“They were the best invites by far. Everyone loved the design and the price was reasonable. I will recommended to all my friends.” ~ 1229trans, Maine

7. Fine Silver

dinner party invites

Let your guests know you’ll be laying out the good silver for your dinner party when you send this festive party invitation. This is especially appropriate for parties around the Christmas holidays.

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