Pizza Party Invitation Wording Samples: 5 Hot Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On April 23, 2014
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pizza party invite wording

Pizza parties are great for so many occasions! Whether you are throwing a party for your teen, a surprise milestone birthday bash for your boyfriend, a Super Bowl Sunday party or casual get-together of friends and family, you can always rely on the good old pizzas.

Here are my 5 pizza party invitation wording suggestions:

Pizza Party Invitation Wording Samples

Let’s start with a classic pizza party invitation wording for children and the pre-teens:

It’s Emily’s 10th Birthday

So comeon over ‘case
We’re piling on the fun!

There will be lotzza pizza, soda &
lotzza games for everyone

Saturday, Feb 19, 2-4pm
Silverstone Clubhouse
876 Westwood Road

RSVP to Marie by Feb 2 at 345.678.9012

Here is a fun verse with rhymes that will please the little ones when saying aloud:

Pepperoni, Sausage
Or Just Plain Cheese
As long as you come
To the party you can choose
Any toppings you please!

You’re invited to
Ethan’s 4th Birthday Party

Saturday, Feb 19, 12:00-3pm
Mario Pizza Kitchen
876 Westwood Road

Regress to Marie (Ethan’s mom)
by Feb 2 at 345.678.9012

You can also word you party invite for a teen evening  get-together, a slumber party or a Game night with the following:

Let’s get together
For a slice or two
A night with the gang
Just won’t be the same with you!

Crash over for
The Game, Pizza and More!

Saturday, July 15th, 7pm
Ethan’s Place
876 Westwood Road

RSVP 345.678.9012

Pizza party is great for milestone birthdays of any age as well, especially if you include beer in the celebration:

Pizza and Beer
Bill’s turning 30!
Let’s celebrate with grub ‘n booze

Feb 16, 6pm
Zen Bar, Downtown
876 Westwood Road

Regrets to Maggie at 345.678.9012

For a family get-together or a casual party with friends, you can kick start your own party wording with this:

We are having a “saucey” party
That’s sure to be “cheesy”
Come join us as we
Roll out the fun!

The Hopkins Family
Invites you to their home for

Pizza, Beer and Soda!

Saturday, Sep 5, 2:30pm
876 Westwood Road

RSVP 345.678.9012

Need More Inspiration?

Pizza party invitation wordingIf you are looking for other pizza party invites for inspiration or for purchase, then I’d like to show you these personalized pizza party invitations that are among my personal favorites.

Maybe you can even use these templates instead of frying your braincell to word your own invite? It’s really not that expensive :)

party invitation template