Pirate Party Invitations: 10 Exciting Ideas!

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On September 26, 2013
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Pirate Party Invitations

There are lots of choices when it comes to pirate party invitations: from the creative DIY cards to the sophisticated personalized invitations, you will be able to find one perfect pirate party invitation that suits your needs.

Personalized Pirate Party Invitations

If you are looking for the best quality invitations in town, you’ll have to check out this collection from Tiny Prints. The personalized invitations are ready for shipping within 4 business days (2 days for super rush orders), and you can even ask the company to mail directly to your guests.

Note: the wordings on these cards can be fully customized online for free. Please click on the images or links for details.

1. Pirate Ship

Pirate party invitations

Set sail on a birthday adventure by sending these charming pirate party invitations to all of your child’s friends and family members.

“This was an invite we did for our 4 year old’s pirate-themed birthday party. Everyone loved the invite and commented on how cute it was. The quality of the paper and printing was excellent.” ~ Babysmama, Colorado

2. Setting Sail

Pirate party invitations

This proves to be a popular choice for those who love hand-drawn, more cartoony design. These pirate birthday invitations is also a very affordable choice pricing as low as $0.69.

“I was so happy to find an age-appropriate first birthday card that didn’t involve the “usual” children’s characters. Paper quality was top-notch, and the print quality of the photo included was exceptional. Favorable comments from recipients all the way around!” ~ HappyMomMT, Missouri

3. Pirate!

Pirate party invitations

This pirate birthday party invitation is perfect for a fun and creative celebration! Make up a homemade treasure hunt in your backyard or have a piñata full of chocolate gold coins, whichever you choose guests are sure to leave happy.

“My 3 year old wanted a Pirate Party, but I had a hard time finding an invitation that didn’t have lots of skulls and crossbones. I loved this from the first time I saw it…it’s definitely Pirate-themed, but totally appropriate for a young child. I got so many compliments on it!” ~ Love4Two, California

4. Little Pirates

pirate party invitations

Here is the latest and greatest Robyn Miller pirate party invite with the latest fun them for all the kids to enjoy.

“Adorable card. Great quality. Perfect for my sons 5 year old Pirate party. Easy to personalize”

5. Mateys Away

pirate birthday invitations

Here is another fun photo party invitation that features your birthday boy as the pirate caption.

6. Treasure Map

Pirate party invitations

Ahoy Mate! Invite a swarm of scurvy sea dogs to join in the birthday fun with this fun pirate birthday invitation with the signature red, white and black theme.

Complete with pirate imagery, sea-worthy lingo and a treasure map background, this design is sure to spark their imaginations.

“The quality of this product was exactly like I had imagined. Card stock and beautiful print really makes the invitation stand out! Beautiful colors, easy to get a cake made to look like invitations with a beautiful design like this!” ~Kaylae, Oklahoma

7. Pirate Skull

Pirate party invitations

Give your child all the fearsome fun of a pirate’s life with this adorable photo birthday party invitation. Add a snapshot of your little captain for an extra dose of fun. Remember, you can personalize the wording in any way you like!

“My son wanted a “Pirate Party” and this invite was the perfect way to get everyone in the mood. Everyone thought it was adorable and the fun “pirate” wording in the text was great.” ~ JenN76, Wisconsin

8. High Seas

Pirate party invitations

Planning for an exploration on the high seas?

Get underway for your child’s upcoming celebration by sending this adventurous pirate party invitation to everyone in your little captain’s crew. Your little adventurer is going to love this card!

“This invite turned out so cute for my sons pirate birthday party. I love the way you can create your own font, colors, and be creative with your own wording…not to mention, the fact that you can create it and then view it exactly how it will turn out!” ~ Shakennotstirred, California

9. Calling All Mateys

pirate party invites

This pirate party invite offers an interesting color combination for those who love bold colors and a modern design.

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations For Big Boys And Girls

If you have a preteen, teenager or “sophisticated” kid who are really into pirates and ships, here are two refreshing choices that will delight them:

10. Treacherous Travels

pirate party invite

Here is one of the most unique pirate party invitations for the birthday boys who look beyond the cartoon characters.

“My son chose this for his 6th Birthday party. He thought it looked real and dangerous – just like a pirate ship should be! The colors are very appealing.” ~ SoonerHornedFrog, Oklahoma

Check Out These Pirate Party Supplies!

kids pirate party supplies

Here is a cute and cheerful set of “Little Buccaneer” pirate party supplies for the younger crowd, with a full set of cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, banner, decorate ornaments and party favors.

“My 4 year old wanted a “pirate party” and here it is, all in one box! Everything I could possibly need came in this kit (except the helium of course 🙂 It saved me a TON of running around, and the price was exceptional – what more could I ask for. The kids loved it and Mom was happy! Very comprehensive kit. Only thing I added were some foil covered chocolate coins (from bulk barn) and the pirate loot bags (from celebrate express – also a great deal!)” ~ Waterloomomof4

Pirate party supplies

For older kids they would love to have the scary skulls, barrels and the treasure map… Here is a cool set of pirate party supplies just for them.

“Bought this for my Son’s 5th Birthday!! Everything looked so nice and expensive. If I was ever to do another Pirate party I would buy this again in a heartbeat!!! The parents keep complimenting us on the whole set!!” ~ Blumoonlight, North Carolina

For girls, you might want to consider this popular set of pink skull pirate party supplies that combines pink, cuteness and fashion. Great for adventurous girls as well!

Similar to the other party supplies set you can have a choose of basic party supplies (as shown on the left) or upgrade to deluxe or even the ultimate versions. For smaller parties you can always get the add-ons or a-la-carte.

“When I asked my daughter what type of birthday party she wanted, I was floored when she said a girl’s pirate party. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this. It is so super cute, priced just right, and came in well ahead of time.” ~ lbgentry80, Indiana

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