Penguin Party Supplies & Favors: My Review

Order party supplies Penguins are a welcome theme for birthdays and other parties, thanks to their adorable nature. The penguin party theme has become even more popular with the release of Happy Feet, and animated film about these arctic birds. Now parents can throw the same kind of party for their kids with this all in one party kit.

Penguin Party Supplies Pack

penguin party supplies packImagine having everything you need in a party in just on box. That is exactly what customers get when they use this penguin party supplies pack!

It comes with all the important items needed to make a party perfect. The Basic Party Pack comes with 8 invitations, activity placemats, cups, forks, spoons and plate. It also has 16 table napkins, 18 balloons in 3 colors and 1 solid colored table cloth.

The Deluxe Pack comes with all this plus other decorating essentials such as a centerpiece, 3 colors of crepe paper rolls, 3 colors of curling ribbon, a foil balloon, cake candles and confetti.

For parties where more than 8 guests are expected basic party supplies can be bought via the Add-On Pack.

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Penguin Party Games

1. Penguin Pinata

Penguin party decor Pinatas are always a big hit at any children’s party!

These candy filled structures work well not just for entertaining kids, but as decorations as well.

Hang up this cute penguin in the party area and get kids excited. It can be filled with candy and other items through a secret opening.

Please note that fillers and candy are sold separately from the pinata.

2. Happy Feet 2 Go Fish Card Game

penguin party games

Looking for a fun game that kids can play in their seats? This Go Fish card game from Happy Feet 2 will do just the trick. This licensed game comes with 40 cards and puts a twist on the classic card game for added fun.

Penguin Party Favors

1. Penguin Party Favor Box

penguin party favors

See to it that all the kids go home with something in tow. They will surely look forward to all the great surprises inside this cheerful striped favor box. Each one comes with a licensed sticker sheet and Happy Feet 2 tambourine. It also has a rainbow lollipop, bubble necklace and a wind-up penguin toy.

2. Penguin Favor Bags

Want to put together your own loot bag instead? These plastic favor bags come fully printed with a Happy Feet 2 penguin design. It can be filled with anything from candy to small toys that kids can play with. Get creative and try to look for penguin related give-aways to put inside the bag.

3. Loot Bag Items

penguin party blowoutpenguin party stickersThere are a lot of items that can be put inside a treat bag. Something that kids will always enjoy is a blowout.

Despite the small size, it can make a loud sound which kids love. The little ones will surely have blows of fun with this party bag treat. Another great item to include are tattoo sheets.

Kids will enjoy seeing the pictures on their favorite penguin characters from Happy Feet 2 on their bodies. This party bag favor is temporary so parents don’t need to worry about getting it off.

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