Spiderman Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 A party featuring the costumed crime fighter with a spider sense is sure to be a big hit.   Spiderman covers generations of fans and is perfect for a super hero party for both kids and adults. Spider sense are sure to tingle with the great items included in this party pack. Spiderman Party Supplies Kit… [read more]

Donkey Kong Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 This popular game and watch game from the 80’s gets a make over in it new Wii version. Both adults who played this game as a child and kids today are sure to party with this kind of theme. Being a licensed brand, it may be quite hard to get everything needed for a party… [read more]

Dr. Seuss Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Dr. Seuss has written numerous memorable stories much loved by the young and old. There’s no doubt that a celebration with a Dr. Seuss theme will be a big hit with everyone. Celebrate in style and relive favorite stories with this kind of party. Dr. Seuss Party Supplies Pack What’s in store for those who… [read more]

Caillou Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Caillou is a great companion to have around. Kids can be sure to experience a lot of fun and excitement having him around each day. There’s no doubt that having him at a party will bring lots of joy to the kids. Make any Caillou party a success by making use of themed party supplies.… [read more]

Giraffe Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


Giraffe Party Supplies are one of all-time hottest items! These are great for just about any party that has to do with children (or adults who like giraffes!). While these may be popular, finding items may not be so easy. It’s a good thing that everything needed can be found in a single party pack.… [read more]

Unicorn Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Far away lands, rainbows and enchanted unicorns are always part of a girls make-believe world. Any party with a unicorn theme is sure to please girls of all ages. Of course, it can’t be easy to come up with a party theme such as this. Especially since not many stores sell the appropriate supplies. It’s… [read more]

Angry Birds Party Supplies & Favors: My Review

angry birds party supplies

Angry Birds are loved by everyone from toddlers to grannies. If you haven’t thrown a Bird vs Pig party yet, you should! Angry Birds party supplies are finally available and it is now hassle free to organize this latest and greatest celebration. Angry Birds Party Supplies Pack As I said, it’s finally on the shelf… [read more]

Baby Einstein Party Supplies

Getting Baby Einstein party supplies for your baby’s birthday is really a no-brainer: it is estimated that 90% of American families have at least one Baby Einstein product at home, so chances are that your little one and the little guests will be thrilled to see their familiar catepillars, dogs, frogs and other adorable animals… [read more]

Horse Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Horses are charming animals that are always a big hit with children. Throw a horse themed birthday party for your son or daughter’s next birthday. This party pack will help you do just that without any problems. Packed with all the things you need and more, putting together a party will be easy as pie.… [read more]

Max and Ruby Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Max and Ruby always bring lots of fun along with them whenever they’re around. This brother and sister team are sure to add to the excitement t any party. The best thing about a party theme with these two is that it is suitable for both boys and girls. Put together a Max and Ruby… [read more]