Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Sweet and thoughtful, Strawberry Shortcake is a much loved character that’s become a big hit with many girls through the years. She has become a timeless character suitable for a birthday party theme. Whether it is a tea party or just a regular birthday celebration she is sure to bring lots of fun with her. Here’s an… [read more]

Superman Party Supplies & Favors

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Our Superman party supplies features The Hero back from another planet to save the world he loves .Superman covers generations of fans and is perfect for your super party. Superman Party Decorations There are superman banners and big, 32″ mylar balloons available; but in my opinion, the superman party… [read more]

Incredible Hulk Party Supplies

Hulk Party Supplies are great for boys’ birthday parties at any age. It’s hard for the moms to understand, but boys don’t seem to get enough of the Incredible Hulk’s amazing power and the story of how Dr. Banner transformed into the green muscular superhero. The Incredible Hulk Party It’s really quite simple when it… [read more]

Penguin Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Penguins are a welcome theme for birthdays and other parties, thanks to their adorable nature. The penguin party theme has become even more popular with the release of Happy Feet, and animated film about these arctic birds. Now parents can throw the same kind of party for their kids with this all in one party kit. Penguin… [read more]

Camping Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 The great outdoors is always a wonderful place to be. It’ no wonder that kids love parties that are associated with it, especially camping! Children will surely enjoy a birthday with a camping theme. Putting together a party with this theme can be quite a challenge. The good news is that everything needed can be… [read more]

Basketball Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Many kids love sports and balls. Put it together and you get a great theme for a party. Any boy (or girl) who loves these two things would surely appreciate a celebration with a basketball theme, be it a birthday or some other occasion. For those putting together a party with this theme, here’s how… [read more]

Dinosaur Train Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 Imagine a birthday party with two of the things that little boys love most-dinosaurs and trains! This party theme will surely excite any little many with what it has to offer. The best part is that there’s no need to worry about putting it all  together. This special party pack gives you everything you need… [read more]

My Little Pony Party Supplies & Favors: My Review


 My Little Pony is another show from the 90’s which still remains to be popular today. Thanks to the charm of these ponies little girls of various ages have fallen in love with them. With their popularity it only seems natural for girls to want a party with this theme. Doing so can be as… [read more]