Owl Party Invitation Wording: 5 Cute Sample and Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On April 23, 2014
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owl party invite wording

With their big eyes and charming appearance owls have become a popular theme for parties. Owls add a fun and decorative touch to any bash, whether its a first birthday or even a baby shower. Try using these wordings on your next owl invitation for an extra special touch.

Owl Party Invitation Wording Samples

Here is a fun way to announce a birthday.

Come have a hoot
Tara’s turning one
It’s time to have some fun

Wednesday, December 20th 3 PM
2319 Saint Francis Way RSVP Wendy 267-229-8447

A cute one for a baby shower and or a baby announcement.

Whooo… Whooo… Who is coming soon?
Baby Tara, that’s who!

Show Tara and her Mum some love
By coming to her baby shower
On December 20, Wednesday
3 o’clock in the afternoon
At 2319 Saint Francis Way

Call Wendy (267-229-8447) for regrets

Here is another owl party invitation wording idea for a baby announcement/shower.

Look Whoo’s Having a Baby!
Let’s get together and help Tara Healy
Feather her nest

On December 20th, Sunday
3 o’clock in the afternoon at
2319 Saint Francis Way

Regrets only to Wendy 267-229-8447

For something simple, but still owl-ish, try this.

Guess whooo’s turning one?
Come celebrate with Tara
It will sure be a lot of fun!

When: December 20, Sunday
Where: 2319 Saint Francis Way
Time: 3 PM

Seat a seat! 267-229-8447

Another alternative for your owl party invitation wording.

Guess whoo’s having a birthday!
Tara is!
Guess whoo’s invited?
You are!

Join us for a hootin’ good time
On December 20, Sunday 3PM
At 2319 Saint Francis Way

RSVP Wendy 267-229-8447

But I am Just TIRED Of Coming Up with Clever Wordings Every Year! Is There a Template?

Owl party invitation wordingI hear you… with a few kids I used to do it several times a year. But I have now switched to templates — yes they are available, but better yet you can customize with your party details so it still LOOKS personal.

It saves so much time, and really, not that expensive!

owl party invitation template