6 Charming My Melody Party Invitations

My Melody Party Invitation is very hard to find these days, let alone those printed with good quality. I am happy to share with you my recent discovery of this My Melody party invitation collection at Tiny Prints.

Every one of these cards are printed on matte paper on heavyweight card stock. You can personalize the card with your daughter’s name, age and even the content of the invitation. For a few of them you can even add your favorite photo!

Personalized My Melody Party Invitations

1. Upon Stars

My Melody Party Invitations

This adorable My Melody birthday invitation feature the cute bunny reaching for the star and the star of your party — yes, your little daughter. Inspire your child to reach for their dreams with this lovely card!

2. Charming Delivery

My Melody party invitations

This is a sweet little invitation featuring My Melody sending her own invitations to her friends. Your little girl will love this charming card in different shades of pink.

3. Star Friend

My Melody party invitations

This is an excellent choice if you prefer photo party invitation. Showcase your child’s sweetest beam alongside with My Melody and friends. For best result, pick a photo with a color tone that matches with the overall pastel color theme of the invitation.

4. Dreamy Sky

My Melody party invitations

This is a cute and classy invitation featuring your favorite character sleeping peacefully on a starry night. What a great My Melody party invitation for those who are holding the celebration in the evening, or even a sleepover party!

5. Wishing Star

My Melody party invitations

This is a variation of the first My Melody invitation with a more whimsical twist. Join My Melody and Kiki as they wish upon the star!

6. Sweet Friends

My Melody party invitations

Last but not least, one of the my favorite is this classic My Melody design which brings me a lot of fond memories when I was a child. What a lovely way to convey a message of friendship by sending this birthday invitation to all the little friends!

What Customers Are Saying…

“As a huge Sanrio fan, I was really excited to find this design! It has the classic Sanrio look that’s hard to find these days. The card came out perfect! I was amazed by the high quality of the paper.” ~ Krazo, LA, California

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