Music Party Invitations: 12 Amazing Birthday Ideas

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On July 1, 2014
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music party invitations

Whether your child loves to be the rock star, guitar band or just music lovers in general, these music theme party invites are versatile yet customized enough for your planned celebration. Click the images or links for details on how to personalize and get the cards delivered.

General Music Party Invitations

1. Rock out

music party invitations

If your kids love to sing, dance and pretend like they are rock stars, you can indulge their fantasies in a fun new way with these cool music party invitations.

[W]as able to match decor for my daughter’s bday – loved this design for her rock & roll party” ~ Jenner88

2. Birthday Melody

music party invitations

If your child and their ipod are inseparable, they’ll love this musical birthday party invitation.

3. Punk Party

music and dance party invitations

From skulls to rainbows, birds and classic cassette tapes, this fun punk-inspired teen birthday party invitation is full of fun hand-drawn designs your friends are sure to love.

I received so many compliments about this card. We used it for my daughter’s dance party and had a picture of her with a ROCK ON tshirt on it. The invite set the tone for the entire party and was so high quality that all who were invited went a little extra all out than the typical birthday party. Perfect card for your Rock Star!” ~ Aud0779, Florida

Rock Music Party Invitations

4. Rock Party

rock music party invitations

Give your teenager a rockin’ birthday bash to remember when you send out these cool, rock star birthday party invitations to all of his or her friends.

5. Bold Boomboxes

rock music party invitations

Colorful, cool and creative, this awesome teen music birthday party invitation combines iconic images from modern art with funky urban style in a fun new way.

6. Boombox Blast

rock music party invitations

A bold and loud music party invitation that the big kid will love to hand out to his buddies!

Guitar Themed Music Party Invitations

If your teen plays either classic or electric guitar, then these special-themed invitations will be perfect for you.

7. Shredding Shindig

guitar music party invitations

Perfect for the guitar and band loving gang — birthday party at the next level!

8. Guitar Collection

guitar party invitations

Give your music-obsessed teen a chance to show off his or her collection of records, rock posters and guitars when you send these fun guitar birthday party invitations to friends and family.

9. Guitar Star

guitar party invitations

Let your favorite teenager rock out on his or her birthday with this fun music-themed teen party invitation. Perfect for a future rock star, this design is full of awesome style!

Order this for my sons 4th birthday! I Loved them! Super cute!” ~ TThomas07, Ohio

Music and Dance Party Invitations

10. Hip Headphones

Rock and roll party invitations for teens

Get ready to get the party started! These fun teen birthday party invitations will have all of your guests ready to dance the night away to all of their favorite music.

11. DJ Booth

Teen dance party invitations

Get the party started in a fun and funky way with these cool, colorful teen birthday party invitations! This vibrant design is perfect for a dance party with all of your teen’s closest friends.

We used bright pink text for the party info, which looked great against the black! The printing was wonderful. My daughter’s friends are all 10-11 age range, and they loved the invitations.” ~ Dancermom, Texas

12. DJ Booth – Alternative Color

Teen dance party invitations

Same design for you to match your birthday color theme.

Other Themed Party Invites

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