Movie Party Invitation Wording Samples: 6 Classic Ideas

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Movie Party Invitation Wording

Take out the popcorn, sit back and watch how amazing a movie party can be. What else could be better than spending some time with your favorite people, watching films you love! Whether young or old, a movie themed birthday is always a great idea. Try using these invitation wordings for added fun.

Movie Party Invitation Wording Samples

Make like movie theaters and use a ticket type of invite with this.

Join us for
Movie Night

When: April 3, Sunday
Where:  554 Juniper Drive
Time: 8 PM

RSVP to Cornelia 989-813-9273

Make an announcement just like in movie posters.

 Presenting: A Movie Party!
Starring Janet in her 18th Birthday

Premiere date: April 3, Sunday
Cinema location: 554 Juniper Drive
Screening time: 8 PM

RSVP the Executive Producer at  989-813-9273

Be your own director with this creative wording.

Lights… Camera.. Action!
Join us for a Movie Party

On April 3, Sunday
8 o’clock in the evening
At 554 Juniper Drive

Don’t forget to bring your own popcorn!
Regrets only to Cornelia 989-813-9273

Let everyone know about the presentation that you’re hosting.

It’s Show Time!
Janet is turning 18
Join her for some fun and movies

Head to 554 Juniper Drive
On April 3, Sunday
At 8 o’clock in the evening

Save a Seat!  989-813-9273

A little rhyme always perks up any kind of movie party invitation wording.

It’s time for a movie party.
You should be excited
Because you are invited!

Come over to 554 Juniper Drive
On April 03, Sunday
At 8 PM

RSVP Cornelia 989-813-9273

Make a grand announcement with this last wording idea.

Janet’s 18th Birthday

Join us for a night of movies and fun
On April 3, Sunday
At  554 Juniper Drive
8 PM

Ticket Reservations through Cornelia 989-813-9273

movie party invitation wordingNeed more inspiration?

When it comes to a party with this kind of theme, there are a lot of other movie party invitations that you will find.

Maybe you can even use these templates instead of frying your braincell to word your own invite? It’s really not that expensive :)

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