Monster Halloween Party Invitations: 8 Awesome Ideas!

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On September 25, 2013
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monster halloween party invitations

Halloween is all about scary and fun, and these monster halloween party invitations give you just that. Each card can be personalize with your own party detail, and you can conveniently do this online for free. Simply click on the image for details.

Custom Monster Halloween Party Invitations

1. Monster Parade

Halloween party invitations for kids

Join the little monsters to go trick-or-treat with this adorable halloween party invitation!

This was the only invitation I could find with monsters that was cute and not scary for little ones. I loved all of the options that I was given to customize this invitation.” ~ PartyLady

2. Monster Fun

Monster halloween party invitations

Who said that all monsters hiding in your closet or beneath your bed have to be scary? These charming Halloween party invitation proves that some eerie creatures are simply bundles of love!

I used this for my son’s Halloween dress-up birthday party. It was great for my purposes because I needed to add more text than the sample showed and this card had plenty of space for additional text. When the cards came in the mail the printing quality was very professional and I got several positive comments regarding the design.” ~ Alexart, Arizona

3. Monster Ball

monster halloween party invitations

If you can’t decide on which monster is your favorite, then get this playful monster Halloween party invitation featuring The Dracula, Frankenstein, Zombie, Skull, ghost and other scary creatures.

4. Monster Bash

monster halloween party invitations

Calling all monsters, big and small (and especially patterned!). This Halloween party invitation has a job for you. Go out to all the guests and let them know that they are invited to the biggest bash of the season!

5. Monstrous Mouth

Halloween Monster party invitations

Sharpen your fangs and take a bite out of these playful monster Halloween party invitations. Covered with a monster’s pearly whites, this invitation is all smiles!

6. Shadow Attack

Monster halloween party invitations

7. I’m In

Halloween monster party invitations

8. Monster Mayhem

frankenstein halloween party invitations

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Halloween Cards For Kids

There are 90+ Halloween cards for kids available with themes from bats to little monsters to silly costumes. These cards are small (measured 3.5 x 2.5 inches, just slightly bigger than the iPhone) but they are perfect for kids to write the names of their buddies as well as their own.

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