Mermaid Party Invitation Wording: 5 Splashing and Delightful Samples

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mermaid party invite wording

Most little girls dream about swimming in the deep seas and becoming a princess of the sea. With all the wonderful tales about mermaids, who wouldn’t want to be one? You can help live out your child’s fantasy with a mermaid themed birthday party. Kick everything off by sending out invitations with themed wording. Here are some ideas that you may want to use.

Mermaid Party Invitation Wording Samples

Choosing a location with some water? This one will let guests know.

Splish Splash!
It’s going to be big bash

Chloe is turning 9
And invites you to have a magical time
On October 05, Sunday, 11 AM
At  40 Rainbow Road.

RSVP to Marilen (074)442-4567
(Don’t Forget to Pack your Swimsuits!)

This wording hints on adventures in the sea.

Come Join us for a deep sea adventure
Filled with fun, games and lots more

We’ll be celebrating Chloe’s 9th Birthday
So please come if you may

When: October 05, Sunday
Where: 40 Rainbow Road
Time: 11 AM
Attire: Swim wear

Regrets only to Marilen 074-442-4567

Some creative words make this invitation a lot more exciting.

Chloe is turning nine
Join us in having a good time

We’ll take you to an ocean of adventure
Where you’ll have a  whale of a time
Head to her Mermaid Mansion at 40 Rainbow Road
On October 05, Sunday
At 11 AM

Let us know you’re coming (074)442-4567

A simple rhyme that will go well with any type of water themed party.

It’s an under the sea party!

Swim on over to have a good time
You’ll surely enjoy as Chloe turns 9

Splash on over on October 5, Sunday
At 40 Rainbow Road
At 11 AM

If you can’t come call Marilen (074) 442 4567

Mermaid party invitation wording filled with fun water related terms to get any child excited.

Dive into an ocean of fun
As we celebrate a party
Under the sea

Make a splash on October 05, Sunday
As you swim over to 40 Rainbow Road
At 11 AM

Wear your favorite Swimsuit

Regrets to Marilen 074 442 4567

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Mermaid party invitation wordingLooking for other ideas for wording or your party? There’s an ocean of ideas to help you out when it comes to mermaid party invitations.

Maybe you can even use these templates instead of frying your braincell to word your own invite? It’s really not that expensive :)

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