Lion Party Invitation Wording: 5 Mighty Fun Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On January 26, 2014
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lion party invite wording

Lions are often feared animals, but they can also be cute and cuddly! Imagine having a furry fluffy lion theme for your next party. Both kids and adults will surely be pleased to see something so cute. These wording ideas will go well with lion invitations for a birthday celebration.

Lion Party Invitation Wording Samples

This wording will get guests ready for a lot of fun.

Get ready to have a
Roaring good time!

Bobby is turning four
On Thursday, January 16th
Join us at 380 Modoc Alley
2:30 in the afternoon

RSVP Molly 208-229-4058

Having more than a lion party? Try wording that will work for a jungle theme too.

We’re going Wild!
Wild with Fun!
Join Bobby as he turns 4

When: January 16, Thursday
Where: 380 Modoc Alley
Time: 2:30 PM

Regrets only to Molly 208-229-4058

Go with a popular song from a classic lion movie.

In the Jungle,
The Mighty Jungle
Bobby will turn 4

Join us for some food and games
At 380 Modoc Alley
On January 16th, Thursday 2:30 PM

RSVP 208-229-4058 (Molly)

Here’s one lion party invitation wording that will surely catch the attention of guests.

Our little lion
Is turning four

Come have some
Wild fun with us
On Thursday, January 16
2: 30 in the afternoon
At 380 Modoc Alley

Regrets to Molly 208-229-4058

This last one is a combination of all the previous wordings.

Join us for a Mighty fun celebration
As Bobby turns 4!
We’ll have a Wild time and
A Roarin’ good time!

Make your way to
380 Modoc Alley
On January 16, Thursday
At 2: 30 in the afternoon

Save a seat with Molly  208-229-4058

Lion party invitation wordingNeed more inspiration?

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