Lasertag and Paintball Party Invitations: 5 Unique Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On April 20, 2014
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paintball party invitations

Lasertag and paintball parties are cool, but what’s cooler is that you manage to find two party invitations that exactly matches your (rather niche) party theme!

Please note that these cards can be easily customized by yourself online for free.

Don’t worry, the process is self-explanatory and will only take you a few minutes. There will be a professional graphic designer to check your work as well. Feel free to click on the images or links for more details.

Personalized Paintball Party Invitations

1. Paintball Blast

paintball party invitations

A vibrantly printed paintball party invitation showing a full colorful effect! Who wouldn’t love this card if you are throwing a paintball party?

” We personalized w/B.Jaye’s 14! Ready, Set, Fire! Paper and printing quality EXCELLENT!” ~ PartyMum, Australia

2. Paintball Blowout

paintball party invitations

Another simple and modern paintball birthday party invitation that features specifically a paint ball party. Matching gift tags, address labels and thank you cards are available.

Custom Lasertag Party Invitations

3. Laser Lights

lasertag party invitations

Great party invite for the birthday boy and his gangs to have a great time at the celebration.

4. Laser Tagged

lasertag party invitations

Send out this cool lasertag party invitation to get all your pals excited about your upcoming celebration!

5. Nice Shot

lasertag party invitations

What a great way to feature your child in this vibrantly printed lasertag birthday invitation!

Other Exciting Party Themes

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