Ladybug Cake & Cupcakes: Ideas For Your Party!

The following are 7 homemade ladybug cakes for your inspiration!

Some are creative 3D giraffes made from fondant while others are interesting giraffe shaped cakes using buttermilk as the yellow base and melted chocolate for the brown dots.


ladybug cake


ladybug cake

1. One Neatly Done Ladybug Cake

Ladybug cake

Photo courtesy of Yvonne. Amazing work on the frosting! Here is the story behind this ladybug cake:

“This is a cake for a friend’s baby shower. I hope they like it! I think the sides of the cake are a little plain so I’m debating adding red polka dots. Top cake is Amsterdam with chocolate buttercream and poured with semisweet ganache. Bottom cake is a butter cake with a tiny bit of raspberry jam, lemon curd, and italian buttercream. Decorations are marzipan.” ~ pastryprincess

2. Ladybug Cake With Bright Colors

How To Make A Ladybug Cake?

Solution: Get A Ladybug Cake Pan

ladybug cake pan

You can get inspiration from the pretty cakes above, but you can always bake a ladybug cake using one of these cake pans.

Measured at 10″ x 12″, it is designed for any 2-layer cake mix and as you can see, the cake can be decorated in many fun ways (yes, doesn’t need to be red and black all the time!)

Here are some of the homemade creation using this ladybug cake pan:

sample ladybug birthday cake using the cake pan

There are cupcakes with matching colors surrounding the ladybug birthday cake.

ladybug birthday cake

As you can see, with creativity and patience a “professional” ladybug birthday cake can be made at the comfort of your home.

ladybug birthday cake

Feefee from Virginia said: “Was going to different state for my daughter’s bday but wasn’t sure of ordering a cake without actually being there. Decided to buy this pan, glad I did. The cakes came out beautifully!!!”

By the way, you can get the ladybug cake toppers and matching party supplies by clicking the image:

ladybug cake toppers

The cake topper is a layer of edible icing and is measured 7.5″ in diameter.  Application instructions are included.

Are You Ready To Make Your Own Ladybug Cake?