Kentucky Derby Party Invitations, Decoration and Game Ideas

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On December 31, 2013
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Kentucky Derby Party Invitations

The Kentucky Derby is a great event for horse lovers and fashion lovers. You don’t need to live hear Churchill Downs or even Louisville to enjoy the excitement — simply plan your very Derby party at home with this card and follow the to-do list below.

Kentucky Derby Party Invitations

First of all, you’ll want an awesome invitation to set the scene! Here is one specifically designed for the big event and you can change the wordings online yourself for free. Please click for customization and order details.

kentucky derby party invitations

Derby Party Decorations

First of all, for the Run of the Roses, it is best to shower your entrance with rose or rose petals, or make good use of boxwood topiaries to make a beautiful floral centerpiece. Remember to get red roses which is the traditional flower used.

Derby is known for the jockeys’ colorful uniform, and you can set this tone with colorful napkins and cutlery — the plastic bowls and plates from IKEA (the one that comes with a pack of rainbow colors) will do the work.

Party Food

Here is the recommendation and recipes from Southern-living:

For cocktails, Mint Julep is the classic, but the other ones are great too:

Party Dress Code

In true Derby spirits T-shirts and jeans should not be allowed. Here is a detailed Kentucky Derby Fashion Guide for your information

Party Games

It can be a fashion hat competition among the ladies and throwing horseshoes (made of card stock) in the backyard for the children. Sky is the limit!

For More Information

The Kentucky Derby official website has great suggestions on how to organize this unique party. Have fun!