10 Best Jessie (Toy Story) Coloring Pages

Toy Story has greatly expanded its following after the introduction of Jessie the Cow Girl in Toy Story 2 — now boys as well as girls love this Disney animated movie! Is your little one of them and would you like to take a look at these awesome Jessie coloring pages?

Please feel free to download any of these free coloring sheets and book for your next arty activity and Toy Story birthday party!

Jessie @ Toy Story: An Introduction

Jessie is introduced in Toy Story 2 as a pull-string doll abandoned by her owner. She is very atheletic and brave, and her wishes to bring joy to her owner came true when Andy accepted her in his big toy family. She quickly became friends with Woody and the gang.

While all of us thought Jessie will pair up with Woody, her sweet heart is actually Buzz Lightyear, whom she describes as “the sweetest space toy she has ever met”.

Jessie coloring pages Jessie coloring pages
Toy story jessie colouring sheets Toy story jessie colouring sheets

Jessie And Woody Coloring Pages

Anyway, given Woody is the main character of the story, there are more screen shots of Jessie and Woody together. If I come across coloring sheets with Jessie and Buzz I’ll certainly add to my collection!

Jessie coloring pages Jessie coloring pages
Woody and Jessie coloring pages Woody and Jessie coloring pages
Toy Story colouring sheets Toy Story colouring sheets

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Are There More Coloring Sheets?

You may want to check out these popular choices:

 Buzz lightyear toy story coloring Toy story coloring sheets  Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages
Buzz Lightyear Woody  Strawberry Shortcake