Incredible Hulk Party Supplies

Hulk Party Supplies are great for boys’ birthday parties at any age. It’s hard for the moms to understand, but boys don’t seem to get enough of the Incredible Hulk’s amazing power and the story of how Dr. Banner transformed into the green muscular superhero.

The Incredible Hulk Party

It’s really quite simple when it comes to prepare for the Incredible Hulk party. First, you need a color theme — black and green. For better aesthetic effect, black and lime green will look much nicer.

Your boy probably has a decent Hulk collection as well — don’t forget to diaplay them prominently in the party room. They are the best decorations!

Hassle-Free Hulk Party Supplies

The best way to get prepared for a Hulk party theme is, well, get a Hulk party pack! You have a choice of the standard and deluxe version — the difference is essentially the cake candles and curling ribbons.

But for these Hulk party supplies, the deluxe version is really a steal because the bundle purchase can save you a whopping 47% when compared to buying separately! What are you waiting for?

The deluxe party pack for a party of 8 includes:

  • 8 invitations
  • 8 sets of cutlery including dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons as well as 16 pieces of napkins
  • Activity placemats
  • Tablecover, centerpiece, mylar balloon,
  • 24 balloons, crepe paper rolls, curling ribbon, each with matching green and black color.
  • Confetti and cake candles

A-La-Carte Hulk Party Supplies

If you would like to pick and choose your own Hulk party supplies, it can be easily done as well. For example, you can selectively pick the Hulk themed napkins (shown on the left) and centerpieces, but use your own cutlery and plates at home.

For the Hulk party theme decorations, you can simply pick the black and green color tone and let your creativity shine! The traditional way is to use the black and green crepe paper rolls and curling ribbons, but I would think anything in this dual-color theme can instantly transform your party room in the Hulk’s world.

For The Best Incredible Hulk Party, Surprise Your Guests With…

…a full-blown Hulk costume! Check out this inflatable jumpsuit with battery operated air inflating fan. It comes with quite an incredible mask as well. This is an officially licensed The Incredible Hulk costume and is available for children (4-6, 7-8, 11-12) and adult.