Housewarming Party Invitations: 9 Unique Ideas with Bonus

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housewarming party invitations

You can always call up your friends for a housewarming party invitation, but the guests will truly appreciate an old-fashioned, former way of invitation, especially with cards as classy as these.

I have highlighted below two designs from Tiny Prints specifically for house-warming, but they have a huge selection of moving announcement cards which are easily customized to become your own uniqu housewarming party invite.

Specially Designed Housewarming Party Invitations

1. Rustic Residence

housewarming party

Love this rustic and warm color tone with a stamp-inspired box for your party details.

2. Filled With Love

house warming party invite

A chic and modern card to welcome friends and family to your home sweet home!

2.Lantern Light

house warming parties

Love this garland of colorful lanterns that adorns the night sky in this chic party invitation. You can easily match your housewarming decor with this card.

“This design worked perfectly for an adult surprise 60th birthday party. There is enough space in the text boxes to customize your details and have it all fit together nicely – while still looking good! Other designs do not have enough space for all of your info – this one did!” ~ Jennifer1, New Hampshire

Rural Roost

house warming party

A cute and fun house warming party invite with an unusual color tone. Pretty appropriate for any evening parties!

3. Sweet Sanctuary

house warming party invite

A warm and sweet invitation featuring pretty font against a water-color background in cherry red. A simple yet modern design — perfect for a casual get-together with friends at your new place.

Friendly Fences

home sweet home party invitations

A delightful pastel colored home sweet home invitation that welcome your guests with open arms!

4. Party Words

Fun housewarming party invitations

Set the stage for your next event with this vibrant and fun house warming party invitation full of inviting words.

Each card costs very affordably at $0.69 and up and you can customize any word on the card online. Super rush delivery is available — better yet, Tiny Prints can send the invitations for you to save time and cost.

Rooftop Reception

home sweet home party invites

A simple and sweet card with a modern twist. It’s also among the most affordable.

5. Housewarming Plants

Charming housewarming party invitations

With a few scattered blooms and a bright burst of color, this charming housewarming party invitation offers a bold new way to gather your friends together in style.

You have a choice of lilac (as shown above) and lime green, with 4 complimentary ink colors to choose from when you customize the wordings.

Bonus Invitation Ideas: Moving Announcements!

Be creative and turn these beautifully designed movement announcements into housewarming party invitations!  When customizing the invites, you might need to put in the time and date together in the header section.

Do take good advantage of the “special instruction” box (it shows up in the preview page as you start the customization) if you need help in additional text and layout preference. You will be amazed at the customer service provided by Tiny Prints.

With that, let’s talk a look at some of these cute and classy moving announcements that can be transformed to your very own party invite:

10. Goldfish Bowl

Cool housewarming party invitations

Sweet, stylish and fun, this charming moving announcement offers a unique way to let all of your friends and family know that you’ve moved in to your new, permanent home. It can easily be used as a housewarming invitation with a creative twist!

11. Charming House

Charming housewarming party invitations

Invite your friends, family members and contacts in a fun new way with these delightful housewarming party invite. They offer a charming, antique style that everyone is sure to love!

12. Hilltop Happenings

Housewarming party invitations

Contemporary design and unique modern charm come together in this stylish and chic moving announcement which can be turned into one of your very own housewarming party invitations.

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