2014 Halloween Party Invitations: 80+ Awesome Designs!

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Stephanie Saurus

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On October 18, 2013
Last modified:July 22, 2014


Halloween Party Invitations

Planning a Halloween Party is a fun but time-consuming work, so let’s plan ahead and pick a great Halloween party invitation to kick start your fabulous Halloween in 2014?

Halloween Party Invitations For Kids

Halloween party invitations for kidsJust for Kids!

Here are 6 of my favorite invites for kids halloween parties. All printed with vibrant and cheerful colors, with slightly different themes from costumes, lanterns to silly pumpkins. Adding your party details is really easy. Give it a try!

halloween costume party invitationsCostume Parties

Halloween costume party theme remain to be the most popular, especially with kids! Grab one of these… at the very least, check them out and get inspired to create you own kids Halloween costume party this year.

Hello Kitty Halloween party invitationsHello Kitty  x Halloween

This looks like a pretty niche design?

But when you consider how many little girls adore the kitty you will understand why the designers roll out quite a few of these Hello Kitty Halloween party invites.

Halloween Party Invitations for the Whole Family

Halloween party at pumpkin patch Pumpkin Carving

Here are 10 pumpkin Halloween party invites with some designed specifically for pumpkin carving parties. If you would like to hold a get-together before the actual day on October 31, then this could be a perfect excuse to send out these cards!

Trick and Treat Halloween party invitationsCandy And Food

In many cases, parties are all about good food, so why not throw a party with the candy and goodies theme in mind?

The designs include classic candy themes as well as general party food theme.

halloween cocktail party invitationsCocktail Party

Well, cocktail parties may not be that kid’s friendly, but this is certainly a wonderful way if you are to invite couples and grown up family members together with close friends for a nice gathering. Great excuse for a long over-due get-together!

Other Classic Halloween Party Invites

halloween haunted house party invitationsSpooky Haunted House

Transform your frontyard into the entrance of the haunted house and invite your guests to come at sunset… and you will get exactly this frightful scene! More inspiration of awesome haunted houses in this collection.

Monster party invitationsWild Monsters

Looking for a wild and crazy party?

Check out these bright and bold monster party invitations and get your family and friends super excited about the upcoming celebration.

spider Halloween party invitationsCreepy Spider

You will find not only creepy spiders but also eerie cobweb in styles from the really scary to playful to adorable.

Whether the party is for kids or grownups or both, you will find what you are looking for.

witch halloween party invitationsWicked Witch

Time to practice your witchcraft with your wicked friends! Invite all your girl friends for good food from the cauldron, and the guys can dress like Frankenstein and other monster. What fun!

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