Little Known Greeting Card Membership Program… With Intriguing Discounts

There is no question that I am a die-hard Tinyprints fans as seen by my recommendations on their party invitations.

Recently, I discovered that they have a greeting card membership program and I would like to evaluate with you whether it’s a good deal.

What Is This All About?

It is essentially an annual membership which gives you a deep discount to the greeting cards you purchase throughout the year. There are other perks too.

My Question Is: Why The Need?

Specifically, why do I want to pay upfront for a possibility of buying discounted greeting cards in the future? Isn’t it more flexible to grab a card at Hallmark whenever I need it?

After studying the rules and guidelines in details, here is my finding. The membership program helps you to:

1. Personalize Even The Greeting Cards

One of the biggest benefits of using the Tinyprints platform (besides getting pretty designs) is the ability to personalize the card for free and at the comfort of your home.

You may be familiar with how it works for the party invitations, but isn’t it nice that individual greeting cards can also be personalized?

2. Schedule Your Cards Ahead

Another powerful feature of the platform is that we can schedule the sending of the cards in advance. Just think about how much time and efforts can be saved if you don’t need to remind yourself on the dozens of friends and families’ birthday, anniversaries and miscellaneous celebrations.

There will also be reminders on upcoming occasions so you are always prepared in advance.

It’s like you have hired a virtual assistant on card sending service… not bad at all!

3. Auto-Pilot The Mailing Process

Better yet, if you don’t mind paying the extra $0.44 stamp charge (which you have to pay yourself anyway), Tinyprints is happy to mail the cards for you.

That’s the way to look thoughtful but at the same time stay hassle free. Brilliant!

4. Shop 24 Hours A Day

Now that you can plan up to 6 months ahead, no more of the last minute dash to the bookstore and settle on a boring card because you run out of time. Yay!

5. Keep Card Quality Consistent

Last but not least, Tinyprints cards never disappoints. Design and paper quality is guaranteed.

Does The Membership Worth It?

You bet! But let me go over the math with you so you are absolutely sure it’s a great deal.

Normally, we can purchase a greeting card at Tinyprints at $3.99. The membership offers two options:

  • Savvy Sender
  • Super Sender

tinyprints greeting card - savvy sender membershipFor “Savvy Sender”, you pay $5.99 upfront ($0.5 per month) to get $1 off (25%) from every card you send during the year.

In order to reach the break-even point, you’ll need to purchase 6 cards. In other words, if you buy 6 cards your $1×6 savings will be equal to the annual membership fee.

tinyprints greeting card - super sender membershipFor “Super Sender”, you pay instead $15.99 upfront but you’ll get a 50% off, i.e. $2 off.

In this case, the break-even point is to purchase 8 cards ($2 x 8 = $16 savings > $15.99 annual fee).

What do you think?


Would You Be Sending 6-8 Greeting Cards This Year?

Many of us probably didn’t because we kept missing the dates (that was me!) but I would think it’s pretty reasonable to send cards to 6-8 of your best circle of friends and families.

When I think about it, there are so many occasions that a cute and classy card will mean the world to your loved ones:

  • anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • getting well
  • congratulations
  • thank you
  • friendship
  • sympathy
  • thinking of you

And you will get a good 25-50% saving on every greeting card after the 6-8th purchase. Sounds like a great deal to me!

More Perks… For Now

Tinyprints is currently offering a free trial — the first 3 cards will be sent free so we are talking about a $3.99 x 3 = $12 savings! This will well worth the $15.99 annual fee and even more so for the $5.99 option.

Should I Pick “Savvy” or “Super”?

It depends on how many cards you anticipate you will need for the year. Again, 6 and 8 are the break-even point so you can make a decision based on that.

Check out the membership page today so you’ll never miss a birthday, anniversary and Mother’s Day again!