300+ Girls Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

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Girls Birthday Party Invitations

Looking for girls’ birthday party invitations that are sweet, charming, modern, whimsical or even silly and wacky? With 300+ designs in the following collection, I am sure you will find a perfect invitation card that will wow your guests.

Please note that the wordings for these cards can be personalized by yourself online, for free. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to use and a professional graphic designer will double check your work. For details, please click on the images or links.

Personalized Girls Birthday Party Invitations

Baby gym party invitationsPicnic, Playground and Parks

A picnic party is a wonderful idea when the weather is nice and warm. And have you thought about a roller skating party at a local park? Tumbling gyms and bouncy castles are great places for kids to celebrate birthday and friendship.

Daisy birthday party invitationsPretty Bugs, Flowers And Garden

For a beautiful garden or backyard parties, or any celebration in Spring, you can consider these party invites with ladybugs and butterflies and daisies. How about a tea party celebration at the patio?

Cowgirl party invitationsSuperpower And Adventure

For the adventurous girls, how about a cowgirl party, or even a supergirl party theme? Pirates are not just for the boys and can be a great theme for a co-ed birthday celebration.

Ballet party invitations

Princess, Fairy and Ballerina

Make your little girl’s wish come true with a beautiful princess party!

Pink and pretty themes such as ballerina and fairy.

Animal Party Invitations

Elephant birthday invitationsCircus, Jungle And Zoo

Here comes the zoo animals such as giraffe and monkeys, and the playful animals at the circus, such as the lion and the elephants. Don’t forget the owls — these cards are really pretty!

Fish birthday invitationsPals In The River And Sea

Here are a collection of lovely party invitations with the theme of fish and whale that is excellent for a general splash party theme. The turtles and the penguins are pretty cute too!

Dog party invitationsPets and Toys

For little ones who prefer the cuddly, then you might be interested in these puppy, cat and panda party invitations. For a sweet toy themed party you can check out the teddy bear or this general toy party invitations for further ideas.

Party Invitations From Favorite Characters

Dora The Explorer party invitationsDora And Friends At Nick Jr

Kids love Nick Jr show don’t they? No matter whether you are look for party themes on Dora The Explorer, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, Sponge Bob, and Blues Clues… we have them all here.

Hello Kitty party invitationsHello Kitty And More

We have a super cute collection of Sanrio characters with wordings that you can customize! Please check out the Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, Chococatand many more!

General Party Theme

balloon party inviteBalloons, Polka Dots And Patterns

If you don’t fancy a particular theme for the party, these balloon party invitations will be a pretty good choice. These polka dots, floral, heart and star pattered party invitations are cute, classy and versatile as well.

Cupcake party invitations

Party Food

Cupcake and birthday cake is one of the most versatile theme you can get for your little girl’s birthday. If you are serving wonderful chocolate and sweets you might want to check out these dessert party invites. Pizza is, of course, a favorite party food for the whole family!

Party Invitation Ideas For Bigger Girls

Slumber party invitationsSlumber And Fashion

Is your darling big enough for a slumber party? For those who love outdoors you can have a camping party at the backyard.

And I am sure the girls would love to have their very own fashion bash!

art party invitationsFavorite Hobbies

Whether it is rock music, cooking or art and craft, your girl will find something interesting to do with her buddies at the party. Video game and disco parties can be a cool choice as well.

Need More Party Invitation Ideas?

Please go to our party invitation main page for directions to browse through out 700+ card collection!